Chapter 3950
"Be content."

"It's good to be alive."

Bape sighed.

In the past, with their temperament, whoever beat them, if they couldn't beat them, they had to find a way to retaliate.

But now, facing Ye Fan, the three were really convinced.

In Ba Pei's heart, even if Ye Fan hung them up and beat them, he would not hold any resentment, but would be grateful to Dade.

Because Ye Fan saved their lives and didn't kill him.

What is this called?

It's called saving grace.

In a word, for Ye Fan, the three of them would no longer dare to have any bad thoughts.

During the conversation, outside the main hall, a disciple hurried in and reported: "Three palace masters, and another strong man has come to India."

King Foluo waved his hand: "It is estimated that he is here for the wedding on the day of burning the sky. If you want to check it, let them check it."

"They're all little people, they can't make waves."

In the past few days, martial artists from various countries have been entering the martial arts, and King Foluo and the others are all used to it.

If you want to toss, let them toss, as long as they don't violate their Indian laws.

As for assisting in the investigation, that is undoubtedly impossible.

For these warriors of various countries who came to investigate, the Foluo Palace has an attitude, not obstructing, not assisting, and not interfering.

In a word, it doesn't matter.

"But she asked to see the three palace masters by name, saying that she wanted to ask about Chu Tianfan." The disciple said again.

"Ask a fart, just say the three of us are busy, let them get out!" Haibu was angry and scolded directly.

The three of them were almost slaughtered by Ye Fan, and now there are people who want them to be involved in Ye Fan's affairs. Isn't this harming them?


As soon as Haibu said this, he saw purple energy coming from a thousand meters away.

Dao Dao sword light, like a thousand strands of thunder.

The Foluo Palace, which was just built, was immediately cut off in the middle!

Between the collapse of the hall, a holy figure, as if the gods came into the world, appeared in front of the three of King Foluo.

"Who do you want to let go?" The woman was condescending, and a radiant light appeared on her holy face.

"Moon... Moon God?"

The three of King Foluo were just stupid.


Did they offend the gods in India recently?

There was always a killing god on the front foot just now, and another killing god on the back foot!

Ye Fan is terrifying, but the one in front of him is no less difficult than Ye Fan.

After all, no matter how strong Ye Fan is, he is only number one on the list.

The one in front of him, but the real God Realm, is an existence that surpasses the heavenly list.

More than two years ago, he entered the Foluo Palace and almost killed them.

"Mis... misunderstanding, really... what a misunderstanding..."

"It's our fault, I didn't know that the Moon God was coming, and I've lost a long way to welcome it. Please forgive me."

King Foluo and their hearts are bitter.

Some time ago, Ye Fan just demolished their hall.

Not only did the three of them dare not say anything, but they also recognized Ye Fan as their master.

Now, someone demolished their main hall again, they didn't dare to say anything, and even had to apologize obediently.

This year, the one with the big fist is Dad!

"I heard that Chu Tianfan is haunting India."

"If you don't want to die, tell me all the information about him."

Luna is not like the warriors sent by other countries to investigate, those people can only smother their heads and grope below.

Luna doesn't have to work so hard.

If you want to know what, come to Fu Luo Palace and ask these three old things.

Chu Tianfan haunts, such a big thing, it is impossible for these three old people not to know.

If you know what not to say, call them and say it.

King Foluo and the others didn't even think about it, they smiled bitterly and said, "We don't know, it should be the same as the previous few times, it's just a rumor."


King Folu still wants to get in the way.

But the Moon God slapped it and directly bleed King Foluo.

"Lunar God, you..."

Seeing that the Moon God directly moved his hand, Haibu and the others were immediately angry. Just as they were about to accuse him, the Moon God slapped him with a slap.



"About Chu Tianfan..."


After the fight, King Foluo and the others just opened their mouths when they were slapped in the face by the Moon God, not giving them a chance to speak at all.

You are numb!

King Fro and they all cried.

I thought you were here to investigate?

Are you just looking for an excuse to hit someone?

Don't give a chance to say anything, you investigate your moderfuker!

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