Chapter: 7993

"Jian Boyou, you old bastard!"

"You can't defeat my Yunyang ancestor, so come and bully me."

"What kind of man are you?"

"You coward, I look down on you!"


"Son of a bitch, let me go!"

"Let me go..."


At this time, Ye Fan was like a monkey trapped under the Wuzhi Mountain. Apart from being able to open his mouth and curse, he could not take any action at all.

Just like that, Ye Fan was really pressed to his knees for seven days in front of the main hall.

Of course, Ye Fan scolded Jian Boyou for seven days in the hall.

But Jian Boyou wasn't angry either. On the contrary, the worse Ye Fan scolded him, the happier he became.

It seemed that the person who knelt down at him and cursed angrily was not Ye Fan, but the Emperor Yunyang who was so powerful in the three realms and the most outstanding figure in the world!

Jian Boyou wanted to surpass Chu Yunyang his whole life, and he wanted to step on Chu Yunyang's feet his whole life.

However, he never realized it until his death.

Now, in this way, one of my wishes has been fulfilled!

After seven days, the pressure dissipated.

Ye Fan fell to the ground randomly, gasping for air.

"Little one, on behalf of your ancestors, kneel down and worship me for seven days."

"This thousand-year grudge has been put aside for the time being."

"From now on, you will be my disciple of the Red Dust Sword Immortal."

"I will teach you the peerless swordsmanship."

"However, I have a condition."

"In the future, you are not allowed to say that you are a descendant of Yunyang, you can only say that you are a disciple of my Hongchen Sword Immortal!"

"In this case, in the future, when you travel across the three realms and become famous all over the world, the world will only praise me, the Red Dust Sword Immortal, for having a good disciple, but not your abominable Yunyang ancestor!"