Chapter: 8070

Li Er was a little helpless and told these things with a wry smile.

"Oh? Jiang Yuqing?"

"My aunt's child?"

Ye Fan had some impression of this name, but not much.

Although Ye Fan grew up in his grandfather's house, he has always been isolated by his cousins.

When I was young, proud girls like Ye Yuyan and Jiang Yuqing never talked to Ye Fan.

Ye Yuyan is better off. After all, she is the daughter of her uncle's family and she has met relatively often.

Especially later, Ye Yuyan became a member of the Qinglong team. Gradually we became familiar with each other.

Daughters of aunts like Jiang Yuqing rarely meet each other, so naturally they are very unfamiliar.

However, they are relatives on his mother's side after all.

Ye Fan couldn't ignore it.

"I heard that my cousin is in Yanjing now?"

"Then I'll go there myself and bring her to India."

"Also, your relatives and friends can also send them there."

"The main purpose of my exit this time is to take you into the secret realm."

"Time is already very tight."

Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

"Okay, Mr. Chu, I'm going to tell Chen Ao and the others to evacuate the country of Xiangyin immediately! Move the whole family!"

Li Er responded respectfully.

Then, he immediately went to do it.

Ye Fan stayed at the Yundingshan Villa for a while, and then left a note.

It says: Mucheng, if you can see this paper, please rush to Yinguo, Foluo Palace!

After the arrangements were made, Mark got up and left.

On the other side, Zhang Nanhai was looking for Ye Fan's whereabouts.

After searching to no avail, he returned to Yanjing.

"Brother Nanhai, where have you been?" Jiang Yuqing comes to Yanshan every day to look for Zhang Nanhai.

Just waiting for Zhang Nanhai to come back today.

"Yuqing, I'm going to find your cousin."

"Just not found."

"Do you know the whereabouts of your cousin?"

"If you know, please tell me."

"I want to see him!" Zhang Nanhai was a little eager.

"My cousin? You mean, Ye Fan?" Jiang Yuqing was slightly startled.