Chapter: 8252

Mac Jones just felt it was unnecessary.

"Dragon Lord, you are really too cautious."

"There's nothing scary about the World Tree except that it's a little bigger."

"We had no way to deal with it before."

"But now, we have the Giant Formation."

"Relying on the giant formation, we also have a huge body."

"What's more, we have a thousand such giants!"

"With so many of us giants, one person and one kick can smash the World Tree to pieces."

"I'm afraid that without using your combined attack formation, the World Tree will have been destroyed by us."

Mike Jones advised from the side.

He felt that Ye Fan had done it in one fell swoop many times.

But Ye Fan shook his head.

"Mike, you're too optimistic."

"If World Tree was really so easy to deal with, Zhang Nanhai would not have chosen to betray humanity back then."

"He is a coward. His inner fear dominates his soul and body. He was frightened by himself. Dragon Lord, are you afraid too?" Mike Jones looked at Ye Fan and asked.

Ye Fan immediately replied: "Afraid?"

"I, Chu Tianfan, have never been afraid of anyone in my history."