Chapter: 2888

If he can resist the thunder calamity, his strength and physical body can be greatly improved, but if he can't resist the thunder calamity, he may lose his life!

Finally, the tile tank finally resisted the thunder calamity, and fortunately it was the little thunder calamity cloud, which only produced a thunder calamity!

If, like Chen Ping, there were seven or eight lightning calamities, Wa Guan's body would probably not be able to bear it at all, and would be wiped out in ashes!

After the thunder calamity, the thunder cloud disappeared, and Wa Gu slowly opened his eyes, his eyes were full of excitement!

"I have made a breakthrough, I have broken through to the fourth rank of the Composite Realm."

Wagang shouted happily, and cast a grateful look at Chen Ping!

If it wasn't for Chen Ping to let him absorb the energy in the Ice Soul Fragment, the crockpot wouldn't have broken through so quickly, and it would have been impossible to produce the Thunder Calamity Cloud!

"Mr. Chen, thank you very much..."

Wa cylinder said excitedly!

"Thank you for what I did. You are also responsible for getting this ice soul fragment."

Chen Ping smiled lightly, then looked at Liu Ruyan and said, "Ruyan, do you want to absorb it and break through your own strength?"

"I don't need it, as long as you protect me, I'll leave it to you."

Liu Ruyan said with a smile!

In Liu Ruyan's view, it doesn't matter whether he has strength or not, what matters is that Chen Ping is by his side!

What's more, following Chen Ping's continuous intercourse during this period, Liu Ruyan also felt that her strength had grown rapidly!

The current Liu Ruyan has already broken through the Transformation Realm and reached the Composite Realm!

"Well, what's mine is yours anyway."

Chen Ping smiled lightly, and then said: "I'm starting to absorb it now. There is a formation here, and it is difficult for a fifth-grade monk in the Composite Realm to break through it. You two will protect me for the time being."

"Mr. Chen, don't worry, if anyone dares to disturb Mr. Chen, I will be the first to refuse."

Wagang waved his fists, and he, who had reached the fourth rank of the Body Fit Realm, was full of confidence in his heart!

Chen Ping nodded, then sat cross-legged, gently pressed one hand on the fragment of the ice soul, and began to absorb the energy inside!

Now Chen Ping has reached the peak of the second rank of the Composite Realm, and with a little absorption of resources, he will be able to break through to the third rank of the Composite Realm!

Such a big piece of ice soul, might break through to the third rank of the Composite Realm!

Chen Ping was full of anticipation, and the Concentration Art in his body was constantly activated!

A large amount of energy entered Chen Ping's body from the ice soul fragments!

I don't know how long it has passed, but Chen Ping still has no sign of breaking through, but the icy soul fragments have shrunk visibly with the naked eye!

"Mr. Chen, the energy needed to break through a small realm is too outrageous, right?"

Wa cylinder was very surprised!

"He is now able to leapfrog and fight, which proves that every time he raises a level, he needs a lot more resources than other people."

Ruyan Liu said!

Wa Gang nodded. Chen Ping, a second-grade monk in the body-fitting state, can easily kill a fifth-level monk in the body-fitting state. This kind of leapfrogging across several realms must represent the improvement of each realm of Chen Ping, which is more important than The strength of others has increased several times!

And the growth of these strengths also requires more resources to maintain, so it is reasonable for Chen Ping to need more resources to raise a realm!

At this time, Chen Ping, seeing that he hadn't shown any signs of breaking through for a long time, was also very anxious in his heart!

A large amount of energy entered the body, but it did not enter Chen Ping's dantian, but was sucked away instantly by an inexplicable suction.

Chen Ping's consciousness sank into his body, and he began to search along that inexplicable suction!

He wanted to see what was in his body that could absorb this energy!

"Zhe Yan, could it be that you are secretly absorbing the energy in my body?"

Chen Ping frowned slightly and said!

"Mr. Chen, I'm wronged. How can I absorb the energy in your body? It's a book, and I don't know what it is."

Zhe Yan yelled that he was wronged!

"Book?" Chen Ping suddenly remembered the Wordless Heavenly Book in his sea of knowledge!

After entering the sea of consciousness with Chen Ping's spiritual consciousness, he saw the wordless heavenly book shining with light, and all the energy that entered from the ice soul fragments was absorbed by the wordless heavenly book!