Chapter: 3219

"Didn't you three promise that the old lady will have no worries within ten days? It's only been a few days and it's like this?"

Ji Lianjun roared at the three pharmacists!

"Brother, don't blame these three pharmacists now that my father is like this. Even if they can guarantee that my father will be worry-free within ten days, what will happen after ten days?"

"So I think we should discuss how to organize father's funeral first..."

Ji Lianying is such a pharmacist in protecting him!

After all, he chose these three pharmacists.

Ji Lianjun suppressed the anger in his heart, glanced at his younger brother Ji Lianying coldly and said, "Second brother, didn't you say you would invite the Medicine Master? It has been so many days, has the Medicine Master been invited?"

"Brother, it's not so easy to hire a medicine master. You don't know that in our world of gods and humans, medicine masters are very rare. They are all delicious."

"Not to mention Yaozun, do you think Yaozun can just invite you?"

Ji Lianying said indifferently!

Seeing Ji Lianying's behavior, Ji Lianjun became even more angry. He knew that Ji Lianying didn't go to invite any Medicine Master at all, but went to the Juman Palace in the North Territory!

But now that Ji Lianjun is angry, he can't do anything to his brother, and their father has not yet died!

If the two brothers turned against each other and started fighting in front of their father, they would be laughed at by the world!

"Dad, how is grandpa?"

At this time, Ji Cheng came in with Ji Yun and the others!

Ji Lianjun's face changed slightly when he saw that Ji Cheng had brought Ji Yun!

When Ji Lianying saw Ji Yun and the others, he was also stunned!

"Dad, at this time I found the pharmacists for grandpa and asked them to show him..."

Ji Cheng said quickly!

Hearing what Ji Cheng said, Ji Lianjun immediately understood and said with a cold face: "Where did you find this pharmacist? Can you take good care of your grandfather's illness?"

"Don't worry, these pharmacists are all from other continents. They are very powerful."

Ji Cheng said quickly!

After finishing speaking, Ji Cheng looked at Ji Yun and Chen Ping and said, "Please give me some treatment for my grandpa..."

Chen Ping nodded and walked forward, while Ji Yun followed Chen Ping. Looking at his scrawny grandfather, Ji Yun felt very uncomfortable in his heart, but he couldn't show it!

Ji Lianjun stood up and gave up his seat to Chen Ping, but just when Chen Ping was about to treat the old man, Ji Lianying snorted disdainfully and said: "Ji Cheng, do you think your grandfather died too slowly? You invite so many guys who haven't even grown their hair yet, how dare you call them pharmacists?"

"I have met these three guys. They all came from the Northern Territory. They also secretly inquired about the situation of our Ji family. They probably wanted to come here to defraud money."

After Ji Lianying finished speaking, Ji Yue behind him immediately followed suit and said, "Does even the people in the Northern Territory know that my eldest brother is not smart now? The people he brought here several times said they were from my Ji family, but the result was that fraud."

"This time they brought a pharmacist into the house. They said he was a pharmacist. Do you believe it? Which one of them looks like a pharmacist?"

"Ji Yue, are you eating shit? Are you educated or not? Can you tell me, brother?" Ji Meiyan pointed at Ji Yue's nose and cursed!

She knew that Ji Cheng was a loyal and honest person and didn't know how to curse, so every time Ji Yue spoke harshly, Ji Cheng would not fight back!

Ji Cheng won't fight back, but that doesn't mean Ji Meiyan won't!

Among the three siblings, Ji Meiyan has a stronger temper and is not easy to mess with!

"Who do you think is eating shit? If you have the ability, you can tell me..." Ji Yue became anxious!

"I just said, what can you do?" Ji Meiyan said with a cold smile!

"Ji Meiyan, you are just a bastard. If you have the ability, go out and fight with me. I will beat the shit out of you."

When Ji Meizhen saw that her brother was deflated, she also spoke up!

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