Chapter: 3221

Seeing the expressions of the three pharmacists, Ji Lianjun knew everything in his heart!

"Cheng'er, arrest these three guys. They dare to come to our Ji family to harm people. I will make their lives worse than death..."

Ji Lianjun said with an extremely angry expression!

"Okay!" Ji Cheng nodded, and then called for people to arrest the three pharmacists!

The pharmacist had no strength to begin with, so he was subdued without even resisting!

At this moment, the three pharmacists were completely panicked. They quickly looked at Ji Lianying and said, "Master Ji Er, help me. Master Ji Er, please help us..."

Ji Lianying looked at the three pharmacists with a very ugly face and said, "You three bastards dare to harm my father, and you want me to save you. You are so delusional..."

"Take the three of them out and let them disappear into ashes..."

"Master Ji Er, you can't do this, this is..." A pharmacist struggled desperately and roared loudly!

But before he finished speaking, Na Ji Lianying suddenly waved his hand, and a breath instantly penetrated the pharmacist's chest. In the end, the pharmacist died without even finishing his words!

Seeing that their companions were dead, the remaining two pharmacists were stunned. Then with angry faces, they cursed at Ji Lianying: "You vicious guy, these things we did are all... You told me, and now you actually..."

Bang bang............

Ji Lianying's expression changed drastically, and he immediately swung out two palms, beating the remaining two pharmacists to death!

Seeing Ji Lianying beating three pharmacists to death, Ji Lianjun's face became extremely ugly!

"Brother, don't listen to these guys' nonsense. They just talk nonsense. Although I found these three guys, I don't know how they diagnose and treat them. I don't know any medical skills."

Ji Lianying hurriedly followed his elder brother to explain!

Although he wholeheartedly wants to replace Ji Lianjun and take the position of head of the family, now is not the time and he must endure it!

Ji Lianjun looked at Ji Lianying, his anger already burning. He didn't expect that his younger brother would dare to do something to kill his father.

It's just that Ji Lianjun can't do anything yet, at least in front of his father!

"Mr. Chen, I'm just kidding. I wonder if you can really cure my father's illness?"

After Chen Ping exposed the three pharmacists, Ji Lianjun's attitude towards Chen Ping also changed a lot!

"Don't worry, Master Ji. Since I dare to say it, there must be no problem. It's just that the herbs I need are hard to find."

Chen Ping said with confidence!

"Don't worry, Mr. Chen. There is a medical clinic in our yellow and blue city, and a medicine master is in charge. He has all kinds of medicinal materials."

Ji Lianjun said!

Chen Ping nodded, then wrote a prescription and handed it to Ji Lianjun!

Ji Lianjun took the prescription and looked at it, then gave it to Ji Cheng and said, "Cheng'er, you immediately go and get the medicine in person according to the prescription..."

"Yes!" Ji Cheng took the prescription and left!

"Lianying, my father has nothing to do now. Please take the people away and let my father be quiet for a while!"

Ji Lianjun said to Ji Lianying!


Ji Lianying didn't dare to say anything and left directly with his children!

Just after Ji Lianying and the others left, Ji Lianjun looked at Ji Yun and said, "Xiannephew, you can take a good look at your grandpa now..."

Ji Yun nodded, and then threw himself on the bed, tears streaming from his eyes uncontrollably!

The old man lying on the bed seemed to feel something and opened his eyes with force, but only opened them for a moment, looked at Ji Yun, and closed them again!

Because the old man of the Ji family is really too weak at the moment. If it weren't for Chen Ping, the old man of the Ji family might not be able to withstand today!