Chapter: 3225

On the other side, Chen Ping and the others were resting.

The fire phoenix has already ridden on Chen Ping: "Master, let me relax you..."

The fire phoenix was charming and charming, looking at Chen Ping as tenderly as water!

Seeing Huofeng like that, Chen Ping smiled helplessly and said: "Huofeng, do you want me to relax, or do you want to suck my blood?"

"Master, wouldn't you like to follow me to the top of Elysium?"

Huofeng looked aggrieved!

"I like it, of course I like it..." After Chen Ping finished speaking, he turned over and pressed Huofeng under him again!

But at this moment, there was a knock on the door!

"Mr. Chen, my uncle has something to do. Let's go there..."

Ji Yun said outside the door!

"Okay!" Chen Ping responded, then stood up quickly!

Huofeng could only sit up, with a look of helplessness on his face!

Walking out of the room, Chen Ping asked, "What happened?"

"Maybe it's about the prescription. Some jelly grass can't be bought..."

Ji Yun said!

"Can't buy it?" Chen Ping frowned: "Although these elixirs are said to be rare, there are so many mountains around this yellow and blue city that they shouldn't be impossible to buy."

Several people were talking as they walked towards Ji Lianjun's mansion!

"Master Ji, what's going on?"

When he arrived at Ji Lianjun's residence, Chen Ping asked!

"Cheng'er, follow Mr. Chen and explain!"

Ji Lianjun said to Ji Cheng!

"Mr. Chen, there are several kinds of jelly grass you can buy for the medicine you prescribed, but there are several kinds of jelly grass that you can't buy."

Ji Cheng said!

"What? Doesn't this huge yellow and blue city have these kinds of fairy grass?" Chen Ping asked in surprise.

"That's not true. To buy these kinds of fairy herbs, the pharmacist must buy them in person. If you are not a pharmacist, you will not sell them, even if I move the Ji family out."

"This pharmacist will have a very high status in our Yellow and Blue City, especially since there is a Medicine Master sitting in charge, so we can't use force."

Ji Cheng said very embarrassed!

When Chen Ping heard this, he immediately smiled and said: "So that's it. It's not easy. I just need to go with you."

Chen Ping did not expect that the pharmacists in Huanglan City would be quite formal. Just like many pharmacies in the secular world, some prescription drugs cannot be sold to ordinary people casually. They need to have an order issued by a doctor!

"Then Mr. Lao Chen..." Ji Lianjun said very politely!

"It's just a little effort!" Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

Chen Ping asked Ji Yun and Huofeng to stay at Ji's house, while he went to the Pharmacist Association under the leadership of Ji Cheng!

Medicine masters have a relatively high status in the entire heaven and human world. Otherwise, the Jade Cauldron Sect would not be able to survive in the middle of Mingli King City and Demon King City!

Soon, the two people came to the door of the Pharmacist Association. Many people wearing pharmacist costumes came in and out with arrogant expressions!

Although these pharmacists may not be very powerful, they have a very high status!

Because everyone may be injured, sick, or poisoned, and at this time, life and death are in the hands of this pharmacist!

Therefore, no one wants to offend these pharmacists.

Ji Cheng took Chen Ping into the pharmacist association. Although the pharmacists looked arrogant, they all greeted Ji Cheng warmly after seeing him!

After all, the Ji family is a wealthy family in Huanglan City, and is also the actual controller of Huanglan City!

After Ji Cheng brought Chen Ping into the Pharmacist Association, he went directly to a counter selling medicinal herbs!

"Mr. Ji, is this the pharmacist who prescribed you medicine?"

A female pharmacist asked Ji Cheng with a smile!

"Yes, this Mr. Chen is the pharmacist. Can you buy the herbs for the prescription now?"

Ji Cheng asked!

"Of course, you can, but you still need this gentleman to show his pharmacist's token. In our world of gods and humans, every pharmacist has a token, and it's universal across all five realms!"

The female pharmacist still smiled and said!