Chapter: 3311

The reputation of the Fantasy Sea Alliance is already very bad. As righteous people, they have long been dissatisfied with it.

Now that the elder brother's fiancée has been bullied, it is simply too old!

"Miss Li, the Golden Blade Sect and the Yuanyang Sect have always been on good terms, and marriages are often held between the two sects. Shi Hao's fiancée is the senior sister of the Yuanyang Sect, Zhang Qingqing." Xue Feng explained simply.


Li Qingcheng nodded, then made a gesture and ordered: "Team 1 and 2, go over immediately to support."


After receiving the order, the two escort teams immediately drew their swords and began to fight the enemy together with the disciples of the Golden Sword Sect.

The sudden force caught the members of the Illusion Sea Alliance off guard.

Seeing that the victory was in hand, he didn't expect that someone would conduct a sneak attack.

"Who are you? How dare you meddle in other people's business? Are you dying?"

In the Fantasy Sea Alliance camp, a thin middle-aged man yelled angrily.

"You bully the weak and bully the weak. If I don't like it, I'll take care of you. If you know better, get out of here. Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!" Shi Hao shouted.

"Those who don't know whether to live or die! Do you know who we are? We are from the Illusion Sea Alliance!" the middle-aged man shouted.

"What about the Fantasy Sea Alliance? Do you think our Golden Blade Sect is afraid of you?!" Shi Hao said angrily.

"What? Are you from the Golden Knife Sect?" The middle-aged man's pupils shrank and his expression became solemn.

Golden Blade Sect is one of the three major sects in the southwest.

Its power is somewhat stronger than that of the Illusion Sea Alliance.

If it were put in front of their eyes, the Huanhai Alliance would naturally not want to break up with the Golden Blade Sect.

But now, the situation is special.

How could they be willing to give up the treasure they finally discovered?

"Elder Huang, judging from the logos on their clothes, they should be disciples of the Golden Blade Sect." A member of the Illusion Sea Alliance whispered.

"Since you know the name of our Golden Blade Sect, why not retreat quickly!" Shi Hao shouted sharply.

The Huanhai Alliance has a large number of people, so if they fight hard, they won't get any advantage.

If you can scare off the other party, it will naturally be the best result.

"We, the Fantasy Sea Alliance, and the Golden Blade Sect have always been on the same page. Why do you want to meddle in other people's affairs and become enemies of our Fantasy Sea Alliance?" the middle-aged man asked in a deep voice.

"Hmph! The ones you just besieged were the disciples of the Yuanyang Sect, and the Yuanyang Sect is an old friend of our Golden Sword Sect. If you want to deal with the Yuanyang Sect, you will have to fight against our Golden Sword Sect!" Shi Hao stood with his sword horizontally, with a strong momentum.

"Okay! For the sake of your Golden Blade Sect, I can let them live, but..."

As he spoke, the middle-aged man suddenly changed the subject: "They must give back the treasure they just snatched from us!"

"You fart!"

Hearing this, a besieged woman in red yelled: "That is clearly the treasure our Yuanyang Sect has found. It was your Illusion Sea Alliance who was despicable and tried to rob it by force!"

This person is none other than Zhang Qingqing, the great disciple of the Yuanyang Sect.

She is also Shi Hao's fiancée.

"Stop talking nonsense!"

A member of the Illusion Sea Alliance shouted impatiently: "You have only two choices, either hand over your treasure, or be torn into pieces by us!"