Chapter: 3342

"Are you threatening me?"

Li Qingcheng asked with a calm expression.

"You can take that as...advice."

Ye Xin smiled meaningfully: "Miss Li, those who know the current affairs are heroes. You are a smart person. I believe you should know how to choose."

Among the many forces in the southwest, the three sects are the most respected.

Among the three sects, Youlong Sect is recognized as the first, Feixue Sect ranks second, and Golden Knife Sect ranks third.

With the power of their Feixue Sect, they are already enough to dominate one side, not to mention that they have now formed an alliance with the Youlong Sect.

Together, the two sects can conquer all directions.

Looking at the entire southwest, who dares to confront them head-on?

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you. I still say that we have to share it together, otherwise there will be no discussion." Li Qingcheng's tone did not waver at all.

"Huh?" Ye Xin's face darkened, and he said sternly: "Bitch! Don't toast me and you will be punished with a drink!"


Li Qingcheng's guard captain was furious and suddenly drew his sword towards him.

You dare to be disrespectful to your own lady, you are so impatient!

As soon as the guard captain moved, dozens of elite guards drew their swords out of their sheaths, looking ready to make a move.

"Young Master Ye, you'd better be polite when you speak, otherwise my subordinates will do anything once they get excited." Li Qingcheng's eyes grew cold.

"good very good!"

Ye Xin gritted his teeth and said conspiratorially: "It seems that you haven't realized the seriousness of the problem. You have offended our Feixue Sect and Youlong Sect. Do you know what will happen?"

"I won't offend anyone unless they offend me; if someone offends me, I will punish them." Li Qingcheng's expression did not change.

"Hmph! I think you won't shed tears until you see the coffin!"