Chapter: 3351

"It's understandable that the seniors keep their own identities, but the juniors have a different view." Li Qingcheng smiled.

"Oh? Have you discovered anything?" Qiao Yi raised his eyebrows slightly.

"To be honest, I think there is something strange about this palace. If I go in rashly, I'm afraid my life will be in danger." Li Qingcheng did not hide anything.

From her eyes, this luxurious and simple palace was actually more like an imperial mausoleum.

The mausoleum is hidden underwater and has not decayed for many years, which is a testament to the ingenuity of the design.

Often, such mausoleums contain hidden traps and various anti-theft methods.

It would be very dangerous to rush into the mausoleum without knowing the situation clearly.

Even a narrow escape!

"I can't tell, but you have some knowledge."

Qiao Yi nodded appreciatively: "That's right. The threats from these external forces are nothing at all. On the contrary, there are hidden murderous intentions inside the palace. Even I dare not say that I can enter and exit freely."

As a martial arts master, his perception is naturally far beyond that of ordinary warriors.

It's obviously not easy to make him feel the existence of threat.

"Senior Qiao has a keen eye, and I admire him." Li Qingcheng nodded with a smile.

"Little girl, you are not simple either." Qiao Yi glanced meaningfully at the people around him.

Although she is a female streamer, she has a calmness and keen insight that are beyond ordinary people, which is indeed rare.

Inexplicably, he had the idea of ​​accepting a disciple again.


While the two were chatting, a long roar suddenly echoed throughout the room.

The sound was so loud that it was like rolling thunder, deafening and lasting.

For a moment, everyone involuntarily stopped fighting.

Following the sound, I saw a huge silver wolf king walking majestically from the woods.

This wolf king is silver-white all over, with green eyes, and looks majestic.

Its silver-white fur shines even more under the moonlight, making it very beautiful.

At this moment, behind the Silver Wolf King, there were dozens of gray giant wolves.

The size of these giant gray wolves is comparable to that of male lions.

Both claws and teeth must be extremely sharp.

And the Silver Wolf King is two sizes bigger, enough to rival the Bull.

The shocking roar just now was made by the Silver Wolf King, full of intimidation.

"No! It's a pack of wolves!" someone exclaimed.

If it were an ordinary wolf pack, as warriors, they would naturally not be afraid.

But the birds and beasts in this oasis are all mutated monsters, extremely ferocious.

Even one of them is difficult to deal with, and now a group suddenly appears, which is naturally scary.


At this time, there was another shocking roar.

In the other direction, a red, majestic and domineering mutated tiger slowly stepped out.

This mutated tiger is extremely large, comparable to an elephant.

There is no need for any demonstrative movements, just standing there gives people a huge sense of oppression.

Especially those who are stared at by those copper bell-like tiger eyes feel as if they have fallen into an ice cellar and their scalp is numb.

The majesty coming from the King of Beasts is really frightening.

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