Chapter: 3954

There will be two extreme phenomena in the victory or defeat of each game.

The winner is elated, and the loser is dejected and shouts and curses.

"Next match, No. 8 vs. No. 22, both players please come on stage!"

As a match came to an end, the referee's voice sounded again.

"No. 8?"

In the audience, Xiao Qiang looked at the number plate on her waist, was slightly stunned, and immediately stood up and said excitedly: "It's my turn, it's my turn! I'm No. 8!"

She and her sister Xiao Ningmeng both signed up, and were shortlisted for Group B.

Now her sister is not well, so she definitely can't participate in the competition, but she can.

"Qiang'er, perform well, and don't embarrass our Tianxiahui." Xiao Ningmeng encouraged with a smile.

"Don't worry, sister, I'm well prepared, and I will definitely make a name for myself this time!" Xiao Qiang spoke confidently.

After watching so many matches, she has been eager to fight, and now it is finally her turn. She will definitely play beautifully and show her style.

When Xiao Qiang walked out to the ring with a heroic spirit,

At this moment, Liu Rushuang also stood up in the audience on the other side.

The number plate on her waist was No. 22.

"Sister, I know the contestant No. 8. She is the daughter of the leader of the Tianxia Association, Xiao Qiang."

At this time, Xu Yang reminded with a serious face: "I heard that this girl is gifted and powerful. She is the focus of Tianxia Association's training. You must be careful when fighting."

"It's okay, I know my limits."

Liu Rushuang nodded, picked up her sword, and walked to the stage calmly.

The appearance of the two beauties instantly attracted everyone's attention.

Although there are many female warriors in this competition, it is very rare to see such beautiful and elegant beauties.

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