Chapter: 3013

This man is really calculating! "

At the end of the sentence, Lu Tianba's expression became particularly solemn.

What Lu Zhiyuan used was not a conspiracy, but a conspiracy.

Even if you know the whole story, even if you know in your heart that the other party is up to something, it is still difficult to crack it.

This is the terrible thing about conspiracy!

"So, Lu Zhiyuan should have had a plan in advance."

Li Yishuang frowned and said: "The question now is, how do we break the situation? We can't use troops or recruit people, so what should we do?"

"In my opinion, we must unite the other four major princes, plus my father's old tribe, in order to compete with Lu Zhiyuan." Lu Tian said domineeringly.

"That makes sense."

Li Yishuang nodded: "I will immediately send someone to invite the other four princes to discuss important matters together."

"Mom, I'd better go in person, so that I can show enough sincerity." Lu Tianba volunteered.

The support of the other four major princes was crucial, and he had to go there in person to feel at ease.

"Okay, you have to be careful. If anything goes wrong, retreat immediately." Li Yishuang warned.

She was sitting in the palace for the first time and couldn't get away. In this situation, only her son could convince the four princes.

"I see."

Lu Tianba nodded, pointed to a few guards, and said, "You guys, come with me. Remember, don't disturb anyone."


Several guards responded.

Then he followed Lu Tianba and left quietly through the secret passage of the palace, including Lu Chen.

Now, there are spies inside and outside the palace. If you go through the main entrance, they will definitely alert the enemy.

After leaving the palace, Lu Tianba found an ordinary car and headed northwest.

The few guards he brought with him were all close confidants who had grown up together and lived and died together, so they were not worried about leaking the news.

"Brother, where do you live now? Do you want me to take you back?" Lu Tianba asked in the car.

"I'm not going back. I'll accompany you tonight to meet the four princes." Lu Chen said.

Now that the situation is ever-changing, Lu Tianba is really worried about letting him take risks alone.

"Okay, then we two brothers will break this situation together!" Lu Tianba suddenly felt confident.

Since he was a child, he has regarded Lu Changge as his backbone.

When you get into trouble or get into trouble, the first person you turn to is your elder brother.

But every time, the eldest brother can help him save the day.

Although they haven't seen each other for ten years, he knows in his heart that the eldest brother is still the eldest brother and has never changed.