Chapter: 3018

If his daughter can marry Lu Tianba, she will become the princess of Xiliang in the future, and her status will also rise with the tide.

By then, he will be the head of the eight princes!

"Uncle Zhou, my reputation is not very good. If I let your wife marry me, I'm afraid I will wrong her." Lu Tianba said tactfully.

"The young prince is a man among men, with both civil and military talents. My daughter has admired him for a long time. It is her honor to marry you."

Zhou Bo said with a serious face: "Once you and I get married, we will live and die together from now on. No matter what trouble the palace encounters, I, Zhou Bo, will do my best to help, even if I throw my life and blood, even if I spend all my wealth, I will help you." Don’t hesitate!”

"This..." Lu Tianba frowned slightly, not knowing how to respond.

Zhou Boti's conditions had exceeded his expectations.

"Young Master, since the Marquis refuses to support us, let's find another way." Lu Chen lowered his voice and spoke.

Although Zhou Bo's support is important, he does not want to sacrifice his brother's happiness.

"Little prince, you can think about it carefully first, I won't force you." Zhou Bo spread his hands.

"Don't think about it, I promise!"

After thinking for a few seconds, Lu Tianba finally nodded.

"Are you serious?" Zhou Bo's eyes lit up.

"Although I, Lu Tianba, am not a gentleman, I always keep my word." Lu Tianba said seriously.

"Okay, okay! The young prince really understands justice, I admire him!"

"It's better to choose the right date than to hit it. For better cooperation, I think it's better to make an engagement now."

"Come here! Get a pen, ink, paper and inkstone!"

Zhou Bo was so impatient that he ordered his subordinates to bring them pens and paper to prepare for the engagement.

An opportunity like this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Once his daughter marries into the palace, she will be the future princess, and his grandson will most likely become the next generation of Xiliang King!

No matter how you calculate it, you will make a lot of money from this huge gamble.

"Wait! Young Master, this is a major event in life, so be careful!" Lu Chen immediately reminded him.

"Huh?" Zhou Bo frowned slightly, a little dissatisfied.

A little guard dares to point fingers here, there is really no distinction between superiority and inferiority!

If they were his subordinates, they would have been served with sticks and sticks.

"No need to persuade me, I've already decided."

Lu Tianba looked back at Lu Chen and smiled: "Uncle Zhou's daughter is as beautiful as a flower, virtuous and virtuous. I am lucky to marry her. How could I refuse this kind of pie-in-the-sky good thing?" ?”

"The young prince is indeed very discerning!" Zhou Bo took advantage of the situation and praised him.

"Little Lord......"

Lu Chen was just about to speak, but Zhou Bo shouted: "Bold! When the master does things, how can you, a slave, talk too much? There are really no rules at all!"