Chapter: 3022


As soon as these words came out, Lu Tianba's expression changed instantly.

He didn't expect that Lu Zhiyuan was already prepared to kill and silence him.

"Two cities!"

Nangong stood up slowly, pointed his spear directly at Lu Tianba, and raised the corners of his mouth slightly: "For me, this is really a huge temptation. Do you think...should I agree?"

Seeing Nangong Po's sharp eyes and the spear he raised, Lu Tianba was not afraid at all and still held his head high.

"Uncle Nangong, the temptation of the two cities is indeed great. If it were me, I shouldn't refuse."

"If Uncle Nangong wants to use my head in exchange for two cities, I am willing to do it."

Lu Tianba clasped his fists and looked calm.

"What? Are you not afraid of death?"

Nangong Po narrowed his eyes: "Or do you think that I dare not kill you?"

"Of course I'm afraid of death. If I could live, I wouldn't choose to die."

Lu Tianba said calmly: "Besides, Uncle Nangong has been fighting for many years, killing gods and killing gods and killing Buddhas. If he wanted to take my life, it would be just a thought and no effort at all."

"Since you are afraid of death, why are you still so calm?" Nangong Po was a little confused.

"It's one thing to be afraid of death, but it's another thing to have the courage to die. From the moment I walked in, I was prepared for the worst."

Lu Tianba said seriously: "Besides, if Uncle Nangong really wants to kill me, I won't be able to escape at all. It's better to just do it, so as to save myself from the physical pain."


Nangong Po suddenly laughed and slowly put down the gun in his hand: "They say a tiger father has no dog son. I finally saw it today. As expected, none of you Lu family members are cowards."

"Thank you Uncle Nangong for the compliment." Lu Tianba nodded slightly.

"Okay, I won't joke with you anymore. Lu Zhiyuan's people did come to see me, but they were killed by me."

Nangong Po snapped his fingers, and soon, several guards dragged a body and threw it at Lu Tianba's feet.

"Here, this is the person sent by Lu Zhiyuan." Nangong Po kicked the body with a look of disdain.

"Uncle Nangong, are you not going to take Lu Zhiyuan's two cities? I can't offer such high conditions." Lu Tian said domineeringly.

"Hmph! Although I, Nangong Po, am not a good person, I will never do anything treacherous. Your father is kind to me. If I kill you, wouldn't I be worse than a pig or a dog?" Nangong Po said calmly.

"Uncle Nangong understands righteousness, and I admire him!" Lu Tianba saluted with clasped fists.

The reason why he is so confident is that on the one hand, his elder brother is here, and on the other hand, he understands Nangong Po.

The opponent is decisive in killing. If he really has murderous intentions, he will never talk nonsense. As soon as he enters the door, he will be waited on by swordsmen and axes.

"Okay, don't put your hat on me. Although I won't kill you, it doesn't mean I will help you."

Nangong Po said calmly: "I admire your father, but you haven't gained my approval yet."

"Uncle Nangong, just ask if you have any conditions. If this junior can do it, I will never refuse!" Lu Tianba said with sincerity.