Chapter: 3023

"Okay! Then let's not talk about friendship, just business!"

Nangong Po said meaningfully: "Let me follow you to suppress the rebellion and fight against the Hussars General Lu Zhiyuan. I believe you should be very clear about the dangers involved. If you are not careful, my troops and horses will suffer heavy losses. How do you plan to make up for it?" "

"On behalf of the palace, I can give you a city!" Lu Tian said domineeringly.

The eight major princes of Xiliang all have their own territory. They usually restrain each other and no one will submit to the other.

Sending Nangong to destroy a city is equivalent to destroying the balance, and there will definitely be a lot of trouble afterwards.

But at this time, I can no longer care much.

"One city is not enough." Nangong Po shook his head.

"Uncle Nangong, if you need anything else, just ask." Lu Tianba asked.

"I want eight hundred black dragon troops, the most elite ones!" Nangong Po said loudly.

"The elite of the eight hundred Black Dragon Army?" Lu Tianba frowned slightly.

The Black Dragon Army of Xiliang is a soldier of hundreds of battles, the best of the best.

And when it comes to selecting elites from the Black Dragon Army, each of them can be called the King of Soldiers.

Eight hundred soldiers, this appetite is really a bit big.

After all, every soldier king is cultivated through years of training and using various rare resources.

The human, material and financial resources it consumes are simply immeasurable.

"What? Don't want to?"

Old God Nangong Po said calmly: "You have to know that if it is Lu Zhiyuan, let alone 800 elites, even if I ask for 3,000 elites, he will never refuse!"

"Lu Zhiyuan has many soldiers and generals, but I have no foundation, so naturally I can't compare." Lu Tianba sighed lightly.

"So, I only ask you for eight hundred elites. This condition is already considered as giving face to your father."

Nangong Po yawned: "Of course, if you can't make a decision, you can go back and discuss it with your mother, but I don't know if it's too late for you?"

After Lu Tianba hesitated for a while, he finally nodded: "Okay! I agree! As long as Uncle Nangong helps our palace suppress the rebellion, I am willing to offer 800 elite Black Dragon Army troops!"


Hearing this, Nangong Po couldn't help laughing: "Boy! A man should be courageous. What are eight hundred elites? When you inherit the throne, the entire Xiliang will be yours!"

"Uncle Nangong, are we settled then?" Lu Tianba narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Of course!" Nangong Po said proudly: "I have no other advantages, but I always keep my word. From now on, my troops are at your disposal!"

"Uncle Nangong is righteous!" Lu Tianba breathed a sigh of relief.

"Besides, since you are so cheerful, I will give you another gift."

Nangong Po asked for a pen, ink, paper and inkstone, and quickly wrote a letter and handed it to Lu Tianba. He smiled and said: "If I am not mistaken, you have to go to another place next, and that is the territory of Marquis Huaiyin. I will You have a good personal relationship with Wen Wen, and with this letter as a stepping stone for you, your chances of persuading him will be greatly increased."

"Thank you, Uncle Nangong!" Lu Tianba saluted with clasped fists, a look of gratitude on his face.

"Okay, time is tight, let's do it quickly." Nangong Po waved his hand.

"Junior, take your leave!"

Lu Tianba saluted again and led the others away.

Wu Linghou Nangong Po has been taken care of, and now only the last person is left.

Marquis of Huaiyin, docile!

Wen Wen was different from a powerful general like Nangong Po, but he was an out-and-out civil servant.

From a ninth-grade sesame official, he was promoted step by step to a prince.

His ability and high IQ are unparalleled in Xiliang, and no one can surpass him!

If you can get the support of meekness, it is equivalent to having an extra brain trust.