Chapter: 3349

"Damn it! You dare to be our source of wealth? Kill me!"

"Brothers! Fight with them!"

When the various forces approached the palace, they began to fight with each other, and no one would give in to the other.

Cries of killing and screams came and went.

For a time, corpses lay everywhere and blood flowed into rivers.

Before all the forces entered the palace, a war broke out.

No one gives in to anyone, everyone has to fight for the first place.

As long as you are the first to enter the palace, you will naturally get more and better treasures.

At this moment, more than a dozen forces were strangled together, which was extremely brutal.

As the saying goes, people die for money and birds die for food. In the face of huge interests, not to mention strangers, even brothers and sisters may kill each other.

"Youlong Sect is doing business, everyone should retreat quickly!"

Strictly prohibited the disciples of Youlong Sect to rush forward and announced their names at the same time, trying to use the majesty of the sect to scare away these competitors.

"Damn it! What about the Youlong Sect? We on Shadow Island may not be afraid of you!"

"Hmph! You, the Youlong Sect, are powerful, but I, the Xiaoyao Sect, are not vegetarians either! Whoever dares to block our way of making money will die!"

"Fuck! Who the hell is attacking me? Brothers, kill them!"


The name of Youlong Sect did not cause much fluctuation.

The forces that can appear here all have impressive backgrounds.

Although Youlong Sect is king in the southwest, it is not the only one, and there are also northwest sects and overseas forces here.

If we really get into a fight, no one is afraid of anyone else.

"Brother Ye! You and I will work together to fight our way into the palace first!" Yan Ban glanced aside.

"No problem!" Ye Xin nodded heavily.


After getting the feedback, it is strictly forbidden to pick up the sword and go to the palace gate to kill without saying anything.