Chapter: 4262

Ye Han is so powerful that even the most terrifying power of Lanling God can be easily destroyed!


The God of Lanling looked horrified, and the terrifying power of faith erupted again, and a divine hammer that destroyed the world suddenly fell from the sky toward Ye Han.

"Lanling, my sage will help you!"

Li Jiuye's heart was shaking, and it was difficult to calm down. The terrifying divine power descended, and together with Lanling God, they charged towards Ye Han.

At this moment, the power of the two most terrifying powerhouses rushed towards Ye Han together. The whole world could hardly bear the deformation of this force, and the void collapsed!

"Hmph, it's just a frog in a well, today I, Ye Han, will give you a chance to resist!"

Ye Han opened his palm wide, raised it high, and then lowered it towards the sky and earth in front of him.

The next moment, an infinite force of suppression spread across the world, directly suppressing Lord Lanling and Li Jiuye in this world, making it impossible for their power to connect with Ye Han.

The pressure was completely overwhelming. God of Lanling and Li Jiuye were terrifying, but facing Ye Han at this moment, they were not on the same level at all!

"Resist, today is your last chance!"

The terrifying force of suppression spread across the world, even though Li Jiuye and Lanling Tianzhu both attacked together.

However, in the face of this terrifying suppressing force, they were unable to resist. The force that killed Ye Han seemed to have encountered the most terrifying resistance in the world.

Suppressed by this terrifying force, the faces of Li Jiuye and Lanling God were terrified.

"Impossible, it's impossible for you to become so powerful? Now the power possessed by this master is the pinnacle of this world. It is impossible for this world to bear a power stronger than this master!"

The Lord of Lanling had an unbelievable expression on his face. Ye Han's power at this moment almost broke his fighting spirit. Li Jiuye was equally unbelievable, but the expression on his face was even crazier and darker.

The power that this world can bear is the power of his belief in the realm of perfection. Once this power limit is exceeded, this world will definitely not be able to bear it.

However, the power that Ye Han possessed at this moment completely surpassed the power of perfect faith by a large margin, which made it impossible for God of Lanling to believe it. He tried many times to continue to improve, but he was suppressed. Lanling God firmly believes that the power of complete faith is the most powerful force in this world.

Even if Ye Han returns with the same power as him, he won't be afraid at all.

But at this moment, the Lord of Lanling discovered to his despair that Ye Han had surpassed him by too much!

"Hmph, the frog in the well, thanks to you, Lanling, who has been to the prehistoric universe, do you think your power is the top of this world? The top of the universe? It's ridiculous, even I, Ye Han, dare not say that I am invincible in the universe!" Ye Han was icy cold He smiled, and then that terrifying suppressive force erupted endlessly, intending to shock and kill Lanling God and Li Jiuye together in this world.

"Lanling, join hands!" Li Jiuye looked crazy, and the extreme power of the gods exploded, resisting the suppressing force that descended on them from heaven and earth.

The God of Lanling did not refuse, Ye Han was so horrified after his return that he was a little terrified, once Ye Han did not die, he would be the one who died.

In an instant, the power of faith and terrifying majesty were like terrifying creatures in the prehistoric universe. When they erupted at the same time, the sky and the earth trembled one after another, and that suppressive force seemed to be unable to suppress this riot.

"Can father alone defeat Lanling and Li Kunlun?" In the direction of Southern God Territory, everyone stared nervously at Central God Territory.

"The combination of these two bastards is terrifying to the extreme. I'm afraid they are invincible in the universe. Whether Ye Han can suppress these two is beyond our guess. However, since Ye Han dared to show up, he should be sure. Cang Tianzang said calmly, now that the hope of God and Demon Continent rests on Ye Han, everyone naturally hopes that Ye Han can win.

"Hmph, I said today is your last chance to resist, resist as much as you want!"

Above the sky, Ye Han's body erupted endlessly. Looking at the Lanling God and Li Jiuye who were madly resisting him, he saw his palm suddenly pressed down, and the endless golden light between the sky and the earth The dragon roared down suddenly, carrying the power to destroy the heaven and earth, and wanted to kill the Lanling God and Li Jiuye who were resisting!

"not good!"

Lanling God looked horrified, he hurriedly retreated crazily between heaven and earth.