Chapter 3894
"Young Master Ye doesn't have to worry about the little girl..." She smiled beautifully, like a delicate flower, but now it is about to wither.

She still had the foresight to know that she might not be able to escape.

It's just that the name Ye Wudao is now called makes Ye Wudao a little surprised, but it doesn't matter that much.

"I see, you can't resist, right?" Ye Wudao asked.

Xiejiao hesitated and shook her head: "I..."

Just as he was talking, another thunder robbery fell, and the thunder was overwhelming, unmatched, with the power of eternity!


This thunder shook Xie Jiao with a groan, more blood spilled from the corner of her mouth, her face turned pale, and there were more injuries on her delicate body.

The power of the Great Dao in the body began to overflow, and it seemed to disappear between heaven and earth.

Fairy Feng and the other four Eternals are all suspended in the void without any movement.

They seem to be used to seeing the powerhouse who cannot break through eternity, and they turn a blind eye to it.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Wudao couldn't hold back any longer, looked at the dark clouds in the sky, and smiled wickedly.

"What about thunder robbery?"

Suddenly, he flew to the sky.

"Silent Immortal!?"

"What are you doing!?"

"Come back soon!"

"Thunder tribulation is the rule of heaven and earth!"

"Eternal thunder robbery, even if it is eternal, it is difficult to stop it!"

The four members of the Red Dust Palace were shocked.

Ye Wudao looked back at them lightly and smiled slightly, but his expression looked down on the world, like I was the only one.

"What about the rules of the sky and the earth?"

"Cultivation is to go against the sky!"

"If you can't even protect your own people, what's the use of your cultivation level?"

"I'm just...protecting my best friend!"

That's right, Xie Jiao is indeed one of Ye Wudao's best friends.

Life and death friends!

Since Mozun left the blood worms, he definitely didn't want Xiejiao to break through eternity. Xiejiao had already been plotted, how could she be able to carry it by herself with Mozun's means.

If Ye Wudao didn't make a move, then there would be no one to help Xiejiao.

Could it be that... Ye Wudao wants to watch his friend die in front of his eyes?


If that's the case, then... go against the sky.


Ye Wudao gritted his teeth and smiled.

He radiated the power of the Dao of Silentness, and resisted a thunderbolt that fell again and again.

time la la.

Electric current continuously flowed through the whole body, and the power of thunder rules spread throughout the body, causing severe pain to shake his internal organs.

Kankan, take this blow.

Fairy Feng and others were in a trance, they were all silent, and there was nothing to stop them.

They can all see that Ye Wudao really has no other ideas. It's not that he is not afraid of the rules of heaven and earth, or that he is arrogant, but that he cares about the people around him.

Although ten million, I will go!

When I first arrived at the border of the human race, I was single-handedly rushing to kill the beasts, slaying the beasts and their rivals for eternity!

Now, don't be afraid of the rules of heaven and earth!

All kinds of actions, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is outstanding in the world.

"Anti-day robbery? Can he really succeed?" Fairy Feng murmured softly.

Before, she thought that Ye Wudao would not be able to sit, but now she also has a glimmer of hope in her heart.

But the next moment, she shook her head and sighed.

I saw another thunder with a stronger momentum falling. It seems that the rules of heaven and earth are angry. This thunder is many times stronger than the previous one.


The vitality in Ye Wudao's body was shaken to overflowing.

The power of the avenue is even more scattered.

Blood flowed from the corners of his mouth, and his eyes were slack.

The rules of heaven and earth are too terrifying...

Seeing this scene, Xie Jiao suddenly flew out, came to Ye Wudao's side, and pushed gently.

"This is my thunder tribulation, how can you resist."

Ye Wudao was absent-minded, his eyes turned red.

"You can't carry it, I'll try to help you!"

Xiejiao's eyes were complicated, and she smiled and said, "You have already resisted twice, leave the rest to me, I will definitely live up to your expectations."


"give it to me!"

Xie Jiao took a deep breath and looked up at the Heavenly Tribulation in the sky, with a ruthless look in her eyes that ordinary women do not possess.

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