Chapter 3921
In the ancient immortal tomb, some breaths emerged, shaking the world.

However, there is no more noise, just wait and see.

Feeling those breaths, the expression of the earth immortal finally changed greatly.

"Death Immortal, why do you want to wear a high hat for me?" he said coldly.

Ye Wudao sneered: "It's not to put a hat on you, and I won't bet my life because of some grudges."

"It's because of..."

"I'm handsome!"

"I protect the human race and am willing to give everything for the human race, even my own life."

"All beings have suffered for thousands of years, and the war has not stopped. We have not played a bright future, just because of some evil-doing existences."

"If it is not eliminated, how can all beings be at peace?"

"In my eyes, what's the difference between you and the beasts and demons?"

"I just asked you to hand over the Jade Sword True Immortal for my human race, that's all!"

Ye Wudao spoke, almost burst into tears.

"Have you ever understood the suffering of all beings?"

"I have seen my comrades in arms fight for the sake of Daxia, and sacrificed their young lives."

"The most they told me before they sacrificed is..."

He murmured in his heart, that is: God Shuai, protect me in Daxia, we are obliged to cherish it, and the mission is still at hand, please God Shuai sweep away the strong enemy for my Daxia and create a peaceful future.

Their wonderful life finally withered on the battlefield.

Sadness is also dry.

And the dead bones in the ancient immortal tomb.

Is it just dry bones?

Ye Wudao smiled bitterly.

They are not dead bones, they are the beliefs of the human race, right here, reflecting the bloody ancient wars.

They also sacrificed everything for the human race.

What is the difference between the safety of Daxia today and the safety of the human race?

Some sacrificed, others stabbed in the back.

Ye Wudao is full of bitterness, his goal has been partially achieved, Daxia's internal and external troubles have been resolved, but the human race's internal and external troubles are difficult for him to solve.

The Four Eternals of the Red Dust Palace are by his side, are they really helping him?

If they want to move their hands, maybe they can only keep themselves safe.

Therefore, the earth immortal is not afraid, and is still unwilling to compromise.

Ye Wudao's madness on the battlefield is also because of these people, who have set an example.

Without them, Ye Wudao would not be as cruel to the enemy as he is now.

Earth Immortal is definitely not clear.

Moreover, it is also the same guy as Jade Sword True Immortal.

Fairy Feng also opened her mouth and looked at Earth Immortal. After being silent for a long time, she said slowly, "You... fallen."

She also seemed to be infected by Ye Wudao's emotions, her eyes were complicated.

The feet of the digital eternity are full of broken weapons and dead bones, and the dim tomb of ancient immortals is like a cool and remnant lamp, which can only shine a little light.


The Earth Immortal was also silent.

After a while, he calmly said: "Jie Mo has lived for 10,000 years, how can you understand this fairy, the same is true for you, Fairy Feng, you were born at the end of the ancient times, and you are not very old."

Lei Ming seemed to understand what he was talking about, and sighed: "Soil, why?"

"You should tell the silence." The earth immortal looked at Lei Ming and said: "The human race and other major races are one of the ten thousand races, there are people outside the sky, and sometimes the goal is difficult to find, and you can only seek your own safety, otherwise It could fall at any time."

Lei Ming was stunned, then looked at Ye Wudao with a complicated smile.

"Silence, the immortals and emperors who fought for the human race have fallen apart."

Ye Wudao also trembled and his lips turned white.

"Why?" he murmured.

"The ten thousand clans were led by my human clan back then. There were no opponents, only strong enemies from outside the territory, but they were only barely able to compete with me. In fact..."

Lei Ming said complicatedly: "Actually, they can't threaten us. Our human race leads all races, with unparalleled power. Wherever the eyes are, there is no opponent."

Ye Wudao frowned: "Then why, the beast will..."

Having said that, he remained silent.

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