Chapter 4225
Because when he put the Blood Jade Sword and the Yunxiao Jade Sword together, the Yunxiao Jade Sword would tremble. No matter what Ye Wudao ordered, the Yunxiao Jade Sword would avoid the Blood Jade Sword, as if the mouse saw the cat.

In short, he is not in a hurry to deal with the matter of the blood jade sword for the time being.

At least the Blood Jade Sword is now obeying his arrangement. Although it is different from the master, at least Ye Wudao can wave it and transform it into other colors and auras.


After recovering his thoughts, Ye Wudao came to the mansion.

In the hall in the front yard, Ye Weixing in silver armor was also seen.

Ye Weixing showed respect and handed over a space ring.

"Your Highness, I took all the strong men of the black goat clan in the city and all the strong men of the Nebula Realm by raiding their homes and obtained a lot of resources, all of which are on this space storage ring."

"In addition, the resources handed in this month are also among them. Compared with previous months, the resources are thirteen times more, and compared with previous years, it is also more than ten times."

Taking over the space storage ring, Ye Wudao's consciousness swept towards it.

Good guy, the harvest is really not small, there are really many resources.

Immediately, Ye Weixing also sent a list of resources.

A thick stack, like a book.

Ye Wudao swept over roughly and placed the list in his own world.

Immediately, he looked at Ye Weixing with a smile, nodded and said: "You did a good job, even more ruthless than me, and it didn't stir up too much, and I don't know how you did it."

Ye Weixing said humbly: "It's all due to the honor, if there is no effect of the honor, these Xiao Xiao will definitely act recklessly and will not obey my arrangements."

"Well, not bad." Ye Wudao nodded and smiled: "They have all been charged with crimes before they are dealt with, right?"

"Naturally." Ye Weixing's expression was slightly awe-inspiring, and replied: "Their foundation is not clean, and they will all suffer as soon as they are checked."

"They accounted for more than 90% of the resources turned over in the city, and most of them were obtained by them."

Ye Wudao nodded.

"No wonder."

"Next, you prepare a plan, and prepare it immediately, that is, to build a temple and statue of Hua Yaozun, and let all the creatures in the city worship it."

Ye Weixing's eyes flashed slightly.

"You mean...belief?"


"Don't you know that the power of faith can only be absorbed in the later period of eternity..." Ye Weixing's expression became puzzled.

Ye Wudao's heart also jumped.

Can only the power of faith be absorbed in the later period of eternity?

That is to say, the latter part of eternity has more of this power than the middle part of eternity.

This can also explain why many of those emperors have their own ethnic groups and want to protect them.

Frowning, Ye Wudao felt more and more that this matter was not simple.

It is the first time that he can control the power of absorbing faith until the end of eternity.

"Could it be..."

Ye Wudao felt a little dull in his heart.

"Your Highness doesn't know?" Ye Weixing was dumbfounded.

"Yeah." Ye Wudao nodded.

Ye Weixing was surprised: "This plan should be told by Hua Yaozun. Could it be that she wants to..."

"Okay, no need to say more." Ye Wudao waved his hand: "I know what to do, you make a copy of the detailed plan as soon as possible, and I will give it to Hua Yaozun for a look."

"Two hours is enough."

Ye Weixing looked solemn, nodded and left.

He also knew the interest and didn't dare to ask more. After all, he also understood that Ye Wudao must have his own calculations when sneaking into Yaolian City.

Now the relationship between them is not good enough to ask so many questions.

Touching his chin, Ye Wudao was thinking.

Suddenly, he looked behind him and saw Nan Xin with a well-behaved face, appearing behind him.

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