Chapter: 5165

The so-called major event is just the impatient desire to persecute him.

Ye Wudao was still holding the jade ruyi that the sage gave him, seeing that there was no place for him, he just stood there without saying a word.

Seeing this, Wu Qingyan was furious, "Ye Wudao, if you don't admit your mistakes now, you should admit it when you go to the Ministry of Criminal Justice!"

"It is an offense for you to disdain all officials based on a holy will!"

"Contradicting Lord Shangshu is also a crime of offense!"

Finally, Ye Wudao said, "I am not guilty. If you insist on convicting me, then I will refute it, but if you want to add a crime, there is nothing wrong with it. I can't say enough about you with so many mouths."

"If you want to take me down, you can take me down now, I have nothing to do anyway."

"Bold!" Wu Qingyan frowned, and immediately bowed to Wu Shangshu, saying, "Master Shangshu, please immediately remove Ye Wudao from his official position and hand it over to the Ministry of Punishment for punishment!"

However, Wu Shangshu asked Ye Wudao unhurriedly, "How is the errand done by the inspector Ye this time? It is said that you also divided up 25 pieces of land. What is the transaction price of each piece of land?"

Ye Wudao smiled and said, "Master Shangshu can ask the Ministry of Finance, I haven't figured it out yet."

Wu Shangshu frowned, and stopped talking, and immediately other people from the Ministry of Industry, headed by Wu Qingyan, began to criticize Ye Wudao and accuse him of various crimes.

After a long time, Wu Shangshu said leisurely, "Inspector Ye, did you take the money from the Huilong Chamber of Commerce, fill your pockets, and deceive others?"

Ye Wudao couldn't help being happy.

This Shenxia Dynasty may not be so bright and righteous. Even the commander of the imperial guards in the palace dared to accept the benefits of Ye Wudao, let alone others.

Therefore, excuses like this are only used to deal with one's own enemies. Obviously Wu Shangshu will use this reason to directly put Ye Wudao to death.

Ye Wudao said, "Master Shangshu, be wise and protect yourself. I don't think today is a dead end."

Wu Shangshu snorted coldly, "At this time, you are still so stubborn. When you arrive at the prison of the Ministry of Punishment, you will definitely confess. I suspect that you are greedy for money from the Mo government. Immediately dismiss you and hand over to the Ministry of Punishment for disposal!"

Wu Qingyan laughed triumphantly, "Ye Wudao, take off your official robe now, the people from the Ministry of Punishment have already been waiting for you outside!"

The others also laughed happily, as for the two who stood in line with the sixth princess, their heads were lowered, their faces full of melancholy.

Suddenly, a loud voice came into the meeting hall.

"The decree has arrived!"

Wu Shangshu stood up calmly, as if everything was as expected, Wu Qingyan was even more excited.

As for other officials of the Ministry of Industry, they are also very excited.

This time, it must be rewarding the Ministry of Industry and Wu Qingyan!

I saw Commander Long bravely striding forward, leading a group of palace guards into the meeting hall.

He smiled politely at Wu Shangshu, "Master Shangshu, it is said that you have important matters to discuss, I am here, don't disturb me?"

Wu Shangshu knelt down, pretending to be a little panicked, and said, "How dare you, the will of the Holy One is the most important thing!"

Commander Long nodded, then looked at Ye Wudao, and said with a smile, "Inspector Ye, accept the order!"

Everyone was stunned, Wu Qingyan's smile froze, and even Wu Shangshu, who had experienced many ups and downs, was also stunned.

What, is Ye Wudao accepting the order?

Ye Wudao hastily bowed straightly, "Your servant listens to the order!"

Commander Long then unfolded the imperial decree and read it out, "Inspector Ye of the Ministry of Industry, Ye Wudao, you have made great contributions to me. The method of renting and selling the idle land used by the Ministry of Industry will create a lot of income for the Ministry of Finance and benefit the country and the people." .”

"This time, at a price of 4,101,000 square meters a year, I have rented out a land of 250,000 square meters, which makes me even more happy. This shows that your talent is extraordinary."

"For this reason, I specially grant you the promotion to be the Minister of the Ministry of Industry, the third rank."

The left servant of the Ministry of Industry, the third rank of the official.