Chapter: 5438

"Anyway, I said that once any other force tries to contact the magical power I left in your body, you will self-destruct."

The white-haired young man's face darkened, but he quickly behaved well: "Fellow Taoist, let me make a condition directly. As long as you kill the Luo Dao brothers and sisters, I will give you 30 million immortal yuan!"

"As for the magical power you left in my body, if you can resolve it, I will give you another 20 million immortal yuan!"

"It doesn't matter to me." Ye Wudao said disdainfully: "What should I do with so much immortal energy? Can I immediately turn those immortal energy into timely combat power?"

If he could immediately change his fighting power, Ye Wudao would have become a powerful Immortal King.

Immortal energy can be converted into immortal energy, and cultivating immortal energy can break through the realm faster, but it also takes time, so no matter how much immortal energy he has, Ye Wudao cannot break through the realm quickly.

So, no matter how much money you give, what’s the use?

"Fellow Taoist, it is not a good thing to be my enemy!" The white-haired young man gritted his teeth and said: "I must kill the Luo Dao brothers and sisters today, otherwise there will be endless trouble. You and them are definitely not close friends. Give me a chance!"

"No, if you have the guts, do it." Ye Wudao sneered: "I'll give you thirty seconds now. If you don't get out, you'll die!"

"What did you say!?" The white-haired young man wanted to get angry, but his life depended on Ye Wudao, so he only dared to show a trace of ruthlessness, but he soon lost his temper.

"Fellow Taoist, please..."

"Get out of here, there are still twenty-five seconds, twenty-four..." Ye Wudao began to count down.

Seeing this, the white-haired young man stopped talking nonsense, glanced at the others, and then took the lead to leave.

Crisis resolved!

Luo Dao let out a long breath.

Ye Wudao looked at him and asked: "What's the reason why he has to kill you like this?"

Luo Dao sighed: "This guy is from the Hong family, and he is the young master of the Hong family. The Hong family and my Luo family have the same status in the Shuang Sect, but there was only one quota for inner disciples at that time. He had to join my sister Qinghan. Let’s fight.”

"So, he resorted to various dirty tricks, including killing members of my Luo family, and threatening my sister not to participate in the inner disciples' struggle. In the end, I, the head of the Luo family, decided that I must take part in the inner disciples' assessment."

Luo Qinghan also said bitterly: "Originally, I passed the assessment and my grades were many times better than his, but he sent people to trap us. We narrowly escaped and then met Brother Ye."

"Actually, my Luo family, including me, also has evidence of his crimes. As long as I return to the sect and provide evidence of his crimes, he will be killed by the Law Enforcement Hall. What he did is tantamount to treason."

Ye Wudao touched his chin and said with great interest: "In other words, his life is also in your hands now?"

"That's right." Luo Dao nodded and said bitterly: "We can go back immediately. As long as we go back, we will definitely expose him, let him die without a burial place, and return my sister's seat as an inner disciple!"

Luo Qinghan said disappointedly: "Perhaps we have to wait until next year. The inner disciples are no longer recruited. Even if he is exposed, I cannot become an inner disciple."

"But sister..."

Luo Qinghan looked at Ye Wudao expectantly and asked, "Fellow Daoist Ye, do you have any ideas about exposing him?"

Ye Wudao was stunned. In fact, he didn't take this matter seriously, but when he saw Luo Qinghan asking, he guessed something, and an intriguing smile appeared on his face.

"Luo Qinghan, do you really want to?"

Luo Qinghan said: "Although he is the enemy of my Luo family, at the same time we have the leverage to control him and let him do things for us. He is very ambitious, but he cares more about his own wealth and life, and he has always been cautious in his actions."