Chapter: 5440

"I've met the elder!"

Luo Dao was shocked, and he and Luo Qinghan quickly saluted these people.

The purple-haired woman at the head was even more beautiful, with a unique charm in her phoenix eyes.

She looked at Ye Wudao and narrowed her eyes.

"Luo Dao, why would your Luo family bring outsiders to the territory of our Frost Sect?"

"Elder Han, this is Ye Lindao, and he is a good friend of mine." Luo Dao explained quickly, not forgetting to keep Ye Wudao's identity secret, and called Ye Wudao Ye Lindao.

"Ye Lindao?"

Elder Han looked at Ye Wudao, his red lips slightly raised.

"It's strange, there's no respect for us at all."

Indeed, after Elder Han and others appeared, Ye Wudao never showed any fear, and did not even salute politely.

Ye Wudao frowned and bowed slightly: "I have met Elder Han. I am just a casual cultivator and I don't know the elder, so I simply didn't salute. I was about to leave and had no other purpose. I said goodbye."

After the words fell, Ye Wudao was about to leave, but Elder Han said coldly: "You said there is no purpose?"

If Ye Wudao had been humble and respectful and behaved normally, Elder Han might not have the slightest interest, but it was precisely because Ye Wudao had no fear that Elder Han targeted him.

Ye Wudao also knew this, so he quickly pretended to be humble.

"Humility, I was wrong."

Elder Han smiled disdainfully: "You said you were wrong, so you are wrong?"

"Don't be pretentious here. Do you think I can't see that you have a unique pride in your bones, or that you are not afraid of beings stronger than you at all?"

Ye Wudao was smiling but not smiling.


"Give me your protective necklace." Elder Han said directly: "I can smell this disgusting smell from a distance, give it to me quickly!"

Disgusting smell?

Ye Wudao reluctantly took out the protective necklace.

Unexpectedly, it was because of this necklace that Elder Shuang Zonghan was lured out.

Moreover, this elder's status must be extraordinary. Luo Dao was so respectful and humble that he almost knelt down before Elder Han, and those Immortal Kings were obviously Elder Han's subordinates.

Seeing the necklace, a look of hatred appeared in Elder Han's eyes. After sucking it from the air, he threw it on the ground and trampled it into powder.

Ye Wudao was shocked!

Ji Tianxing told him that this magic weapon could withstand the full blow of the top immortal king.

But in Elder Han's was just one kick and everything was gone!

Then what kind of cultivation is she?

It’s not hard to imagine…

It must be the first person Ye Wudao encounters after coming to the upper world...

No, maybe it’s the second human-level Immortal Emperor!

The first Immortal Emperor should be the powerful one next to Ji Tianxing.

"Did Ji Tianxing ask you to come?"

Elder Han looked at Ye Wudao coldly.

Ye Wudao was stunned: "Ji Tianxing... what does this have to do with you?"

"The Taoist companion back then." Elder Han said indifferently: "He asked you to come because he wanted to tell me something. Did he have anything to say? You also told him that it is too late now and I will not be with him anymore. I have a little bit of thoughts on my body.”

Ye Wudao nodded: "Well, Elder Han is right, he seems to think so too."

"What did you say?"

"He never said he knew Elder Han, and he didn't even mention you at all." Ye Wudao said bluntly.

He didn't bother to fan the flames, but told the truth.

Elder Han's face darkened: "If I hadn't mentioned it before, how could I have asked you to come here to find me?"

"I practiced on Dragon Island before and was trusted by Ji Tianxing." Ye Wudao asked: "I think Elder Han also knows that Ji Tianxing is the emperor of the Dragon Island Divine Xia Dynasty?"

Elder Han nodded slightly: "Not bad."

"Well, I helped Ji Youlan of the Immortal Dynasty, the sixth princess of Shenxia, ​​ascend to the throne, and also solved the crisis for Shenxia." Ye Wudao said: "So Ji Tianxing valued me very much, but I did not stay in Shenxia , but chose to leave Dragon Island with Ji Tianxing."

"Who did you say...?" Elder Han asked in confusion.