Chapter: 5611

Ling Yun said calmly: "It's because they look down on us that they negotiate these inconsequential conditions with us. They also have the idea of ​​​​training the geniuses of the sect to see what the talents of my genius in the Yuhua God Realm are like."

"By the way, what realm does the Star Vault Sect come from?"

"The Star Realm."

"What a loud tone." Ye Wudao was also a little surprised: "They directly named the Star Vault Sect and the name of the world?"

"In the early years, they did have that ability. Even if there were thousands of Frost Sects and Ji Di Sects put together, they couldn't compare to them." Ling Yun said with a smile: "But now they no longer have that ability, but it is impossible for them to change their names. thing."

"It seems like their history is quite close."

"Ye Xiaoyou is right, and they have also gained momentum in recent years, but they are enemies after all, so they cannot show any mercy."

"Senior Lingyun, do you think the Jiji Sect will win?"

Immortal King Lingyun hesitated and said: "It's hard to say that the Jiji Sect is already at war with the Star Vault Sect, but no Immortal Emperor has fallen yet. I thought the Star Vault Sect's move this time was just to test the strength of the Jiji Sect."

Ye Wudao shook his head and said with a confused look on his face: "As far as I know, they suddenly launched an attack on the Jiji Sect, and their purpose is really unpredictable. They and the Jiji Sect don't seem to have a mortal grudge, right?"

Ling Yun said: "The Polar Sect is located at the border between the Yuhua God Realm and the Star Realm. The two sides have been in friction all year round and compete for resources with each other. The seeds of hatred have long been planted. If there is an opportunity to destroy the other party, they will naturally seize the opportunity."

"There are rumors that a powerful person from the Jiji Sect is approaching his longevity and may have died long ago. In fact, the Star Vault Sect has waited for more than fifty years and is only now launching a tentative attack. If the Jiji Sect is weak, they will definitely launch A fierce offensive, seeking..."

"Kill with one blow!"

Ye Wudao suddenly realized: "That's it."

"The Great Elder ordered me to protect you with all my strength, so please don't make things difficult for me." Ling Yun added, "If this is the case, I will also take some actions that will make everyone unhappy."

Hearing this, Xianyinqin frowned slightly and asked: "Senior Lingyun thinks that the juniors are more willful?"

Ling Yun said: "You left the sect without authorization and went to the outside world to experience and seek opportunities. Although you came back safe and sound, you didn't report it to anyone. But after all, nothing happened to you, so no one cared about it."

"If this elder says it, you are a little willful. I will naturally take care of you and won't allow you to act recklessly anymore. After all, on the battlefield, swords have no eyes."

Ye Wudao ignored what he said, but looked at the map, which Elder Ling Yun had just handed to him. However, the more Ye Wudao looked at it, the more something was wrong.

"Judging from the map... the purpose of Star Vault Sect's attack on us is unpredictable. Do they need to put an army of cultivators here with us?"

Judging from the map, the Polar Sect is in front of the Frost Sect, and it is a long distance away. If an army of Immortal Kings travels a long distance, it will take two or three months.

If it was the Immortal Emperor, the time would be shortened to a few days, but they would definitely wait for the large team to arrive before attacking the Frost Sect together. Moreover, the Frost Sect also had an Immortal Emperor in charge.

Why should they disperse this part of their strength and use it together to attack the Jiji Sect? Isn't it a better choice?

Ling Yun naturally knew this a long time ago. He said calmly: "This time is obviously to test the strength of our Frost Sect. After all, we are allies of the Jiji Sect."

"If we show up strong this time, they will definitely withdraw and won't get entangled with us. But once we show up weak, they will definitely launch an iron-blooded offensive to destroy us first."

Ye Wudao pondered for a moment and suddenly smiled: "I understand, they may just be testing, but we want to protect ourselves and reduce casualties."