Chapter: 6002

"Then Junior Sister will do everything she can to save Senior Brother."

Nan Xinxiu clenched her fists.

"Junior Sister..." Ye Wudao still touched Nan Xin's head lovingly, and his heart was filled with mixed feelings.

Junior Sister is not stupid at all, Ye Wudao has long understood that, but in front of him, Nan Xin is unwilling to have any schemes, and everything she pursues is simple and cute.

Perhaps, it is such simplicity that is the most beautiful thing in the world.

"Let's go."

Ye Wudao did not say much, and took Nan Xin to another place in an instant. This place was a battlefield in the land of frost, and on the battlefield, two terrible strong men were fighting.

One of them was naturally the Frost Dance Fairy.

Nan Xin was stunned, not knowing how Ye Wudao came here, but it was not difficult to imagine how powerful Ye Wudao was. Just seeing Ye Wudao's current expression, she seemed to understand something.

"She is still the same as before, she likes to plot and fight, and likes to pursue supreme power." Nan Xin suddenly said: "Brother, do you like her?"

Ye Wudao's body stiffened, and he recalled the past with a helpless expression.

In fact, it was just a bad fate between him and the Ice Frost Dance Fairy, but Ye Wudao could not remain indifferent. Since she wanted to pursue, Ye Wudao could also fulfill her wish.

With a wave of his hand, the will of heaven appeared in front of him.

"Protect her and let her successfully fulfill her dream." Ye Wudao looked at the Ice Frost Dance Fairy and gave an order to the will of heaven.

In fact, Ye Wudao today is not the strongest in the universe, but he is enough to do everything at the moment. It is also a simple matter to let the will of heaven help someone.

Ye Wudao also knew that if he appeared now and told the Ice Frost Dance Fairy all the facts, she might be happy, but this state would not last too long.

Without the pursuit, what would she do?

"Let's go..."

Ye Wudao sighed again.

Turning around, he took Nan Xin through the void.

This time, he was going to meet the most important person in his life.

The figures of Ye Wudao and the other person seemed to be no longer in the world. No living creature could see them, and would even unconsciously bypass them. Ye Wudao deliberately slowed down his pace on this road.

Because he knew that Nan Xin wanted to see the scenery between heaven and earth, so he followed her wishes.

"Wow, it turns out that the fairy palace there is so magnificent, and it turns out that the scenery of mountains and rivers here is so shocking. It's so beautiful. I want to live here in the future, no, live there!"

Nan Xin was excited all the way.

The roads that Ye Wudao deliberately chose were all beautiful scenery. Even if there were unpleasant scenery, he could use the power of heaven and earth to transform it into the most beautiful scenery.

This most beautiful scenery naturally matches Nan Xin's most beautiful innocence.

It was unknown how long it had passed. The two of them walked and stopped, and finally came to a golden statue. Under the statue, the long-lost figure made Ye Wudao lose his mind.

"Xu Ling'er..."

Seeming to have noticed Ye Wudao's gaze, Xu Ling'er opened her beautiful eyes and looked towards Ye Wudao. In the place where there was nothing, Ye Wudao suddenly appeared in a blurry figure, and gradually became clear.

Ye Wudao was also slightly surprised. He didn't expect that he and Xu Ling'er had a telepathic connection. Xu Ling'er's cultivation was obviously weaker than his, but she could discover his existence.


Xu Ling'er raised a surprised smile on her pretty face and flew over.

The two of them soon hugged each other.

I don't know how long they hugged, and they seemed to be nostalgic for the warmth in each other's arms. When they separated, Xu Ling'er eagerly told what happened when she left.

It turned out that she had experienced a lot, followed Emperor Xia to fight all over the world, and Emperor Xia finally stood firm and shared the same glory with Changshengtian.

Ye Wudao then remembered that the Three Thousand Worlds and Changshengtian were still fighting.

"Don't worry." Ye Wudao waved his hand, and the cause and effect of the two worlds were cut off. The cause and effect of the killing in the two worlds disappeared.

Then, the cultivators who participated in the fight between the two worlds also erased their memories of the two worlds, as if they had merged into one world. Xu Linger could actually feel all this.

"Husband, how strong is your current cultivation?"

Such a heaven-defying power is really unimaginable.

"I don't know how strong it is, but it's enough to protect you and the children." Ye Wudao smiled slightly.

"By the way, what did the children do?"

Xu Linger smiled sweetly: "They are all following their father to do things. Now they are also considered young geniuses with good cultivation. In time, they will surely become great powers in the world."

"I can help them." Ye Wudao said.

Xu Linger shook her head: "No, they have their own way to go, maybe not worse than you. You have the power to reverse change. If they have an accident, you can save them, right?"

"Yes." Ye Wudao replied with a smile.

His current cultivation can achieve this step. No matter what happens in the world, he can reverse it, unless there is an equally powerful person to stop him.

However, there don't seem to be many equally powerful beings.

Even if there are such creatures, it seems to be out of the limitations of human thinking.

"Let's go."

Ye Wudao was about to take the two women away.

However, looking at the tender and affectionate appearance of Ye Wudao and the other person, Nan Xin's eyes were complicated. She had too many unclear thoughts about Ye Wudao in her heart.

But now seeing the two of them in such a relationship, she couldn't bear to disturb them.

"Senior brother... Junior sister wants to go to a farther place to have a look." Nan Xin suddenly said.

Ye Wudao looked at her with a complicated look.

If he could have met Nan Xin earlier, his heart might have been filled with Nan Xin, but now all that was left was regret.

Where is there no regret in life?

With a complicated sigh, Ye Wudao passed on part of his cultivation to Nan Xin, which was enough for Nan Xin to go anywhere in the world without any obstacles.

"Goodbye, Junior Sister."

Ye Wudao didn't say anything more and left with Xu Ling'er.

This time, Ye Wudao returned to Blue Star.

In the past hundred years, many stories have happened on Blue Star, which is completely different from the Blue Star a hundred years ago.

Even if you return to a familiar place, it is still the same, and many stories are also staged.

Looking at the strange and familiar place, Ye Wudao and Xu Ling'er were also absent-minded.

"Ling'er, we are home. Whatever you want to do next, I can accompany you. We will be together for a lifetime and never separate."