Chapter: 7430

"Our people have almost covered the entire Burning Bone City, and our power has also spread almost the entire Burning Bone City."

Han Sanqian could foresee this point.

After all, if you can fight an organization that sends millions of people, if the number of people is not extremely abnormal, then you don't have to be so grand.

After all, it's not the kind of danger of extinction, so the enemy can't mobilize all their strength, they will only send wealthy soldiers to encircle and suppress themselves.

"But..." Tianming Huafeng suddenly turned around, causing Han Sanqian to frown.

"But what?" Han Sanqian asked hastily.

Tian Ming suddenly stopped again, and then looked at Han Sanqian: "However, even so, we only own less than one-third of Burning Bone City."

Hearing this, Han Sanqian frowned: "What do you mean?"

It is clear that it occupies most of the power, why suddenly it becomes less than one-third, isn't this inconsistent? !

"I know you're weird, but what I'm saying is the truth." After Tianming finished speaking, he continued to walk forward and explained the reason.

Legend has it that Burning Bone City, as the central city of the demons, is where the cores of the demons gather and where the lifeblood of the demons resides.

Therefore, Burning Bones has always had a large population.

Of course, the demon race itself is a place where the fittest survive, and it is exaggerated to the extreme in a core place like Burning Bone City.

"People are eliminated every minute there. Naturally, people die every minute. However, because the core power of the demons exists in the city of burning bones, there are always countless people from the demons going here."

"Gradually, people who died and people who came in began to show a direct ratio, making Burning Bone City have an endless cycle of dead people and people coming in."

"In it, the corpses of the dead are piled up outside the city, gradually lifting the city, looking from a distance, it seems to be piled up on top of the bones, hence the name Burning Bone City."

"However, with the passage of time, it is rumored that the dead bodies piled up more and more, until finally, the City of Burning Bones even reached the sky."

"There are demons that turn into bones and eat them. They swallow the city of burning bones that is comparable to the sky, and then bury them in the ground. However, the new ones continue to accumulate and build, and they become a city. This cycle will last for an unknown number of years. There are even rumors that although the City of Burning Bones is one city, it is actually in the belly of the devil, and there are still eighteen floors.”

"Of course, this is a legend." Tianming continued: "In fact, the Burning Bone City we know is not so exaggerated. So far, we only know that there are three floors."

"We occupy the first floor."

"As for the second floor, I haven't gone down, and neither have the elders."

Han Sanqian frowned. He really never thought that Burning Bone City still has three or three-story cities.

If the second layer is some executives similar to their organization, that is, the absolute bosses in the demons, then there is a question, what about the third layer? !

"Although you have never entered the second floor, it's a bit too much for me to ask you about the third floor, but I still want to know what the Burning Bone City on the third floor is like. Or, if there are any similar legends, it's fine." Han Three thousand ways.

"No one knows what the third floor is like." Tian Ming shook his head, "Although everyone in Burning Bone City knows or believes in the existence of the third floor, unfortunately, no one has ever entered it."

"I just heard that the absolute controller of the second floor can enter."