Chapter: 8447

The special envoy in white couldn't help but sigh: "I hope it's just a small fight, just for everyone to vent their emotions, but don't kill anyone."

"Otherwise, this matter may be very difficult to deal with." The white-clothed envoy said worriedly.

It's a small fight. As long as the owner of the village is willing, this matter can be turned into a trivial matter. Moreover, now that the monster has surrendered, the village is very happy.

Then, it is obviously easier for the village owner to turn a blind eye.

But I am afraid that an incident will happen in the end, because that means that the rules of the famous store have been completely broken. The nature of the matter has also become extremely bad.

Some of your subordinates have died inside. As a superior, whether it is to make other subordinates not feel cold or to restore the prestige and rules of the famous store, this matter must be dealt with seriously.

This represents an attitude, a rule, and a law. If it is not handled well, the prestige of the famous store will be wiped out. In the future, this group of subordinates will become more and more difficult to manage, and the famous store will be like a piece of loose sand.

The palms and backs of your hands are full of flesh. If you don't deal with it, the people who suffer the loss will definitely be dissatisfied. If you deal with it, those who are reasonable will be dissatisfied.

It is a dilemma to advance or retreat.

Therefore, the special envoy in white really does not want this situation to happen.

But unfortunately, this situation has already happened.

As someone died, two or three of the twenty-five masters who fought and retreated had been killed, and their retreat was gradually and completely eliminated.

They had reached the very edge of the terrain and had no retreat.

At the same time, one of their partners has died, which means that they need to understand that if they do not seriously resist, they will follow in the footsteps of those who died and be killed by these "low-level" people. .

Therefore, they launched an absolute counterattack.

As soon as they counterattacked, the gap in strength between them and Han's three thousand disciples was not big, but the gap between the ordinary elites following these people was quite large.

If you are not careful, you can easily kill the opponent in the whole chaos.

Therefore, as the conflicts continue to break out, the people on both sides have become more and more jealous.

If you let my people die, then I will let your people die. Neither side will give in, and the war situation has escalated again.

"Brothers, let's kill the elites in the village. The owner of the village won't let us go anyway, and we have no place in the famous store. So, let's fight them to the end."

"The village owner is already on the way here, and we must step up our attack. Because if these scumbags are still there, the village owner will make a choice between us and them, but on the other hand, we only need to kill them. If these people die, then the owner of the village can only choose us."

"Yes, the law does not punish everyone. Moreover, the owner of the village has no other choice but us, so he can only turn a blind eye."

"With us alone, it is impossible for the owner of the village to treat him as unfairly as he did today."

"That is, fight them to the death, either they die or we die."

The red-eyed killers had their brains completely invaded by anger. Under the guidance of the three thousand disciples of Han Dynasty, they could not be said to have been brainwashed, but at least they believed in this approach.

More and more elites among the elites began to die in group fights. The poisonous blood itself would kill half of their lives. Now that they had to fight with four fists with two fists, they were even more exhausted. In addition, Han Sanqian's attacks from time to time They would even rush in to help. The situation of the twenty-five could not be said to be bad, but rather desperate.

However, the elites have no way out now. Behind them is the high gate palace. They have been completely surrounded by others. If they want to survive, what else can they do except break out of the encirclement?

Of course, there is another possibility that the two guards have informed the village owner, and the village owner has brought his troops to rescue the siege himself.

In fact, the owner of the village, Heifeng and the white-clothed envoy did arrive at the scene in the shortest possible time. When several people in the group saw the fierce battle at the center of the conflict, they couldn't help but frown for a moment.

They knew very well that the matter was serious, and it was too serious to be believed...