Chapter: 8491

With a bang, he received a very strong palm, and his seemingly huge body immediately staggered and bounced several meters away. His extremely tall and extremely long feet could not provide any support for a while, and he was about to fall to the ground.

The owner of the village reacted very quickly. He moved his hand and forcibly pulled up the wooden doll. Then he waved his hand and the wooden doll stood up again.

He stood up and rushed towards Han Sanqian.

Han Sanqian frowned slightly, are you still coming? !

Han Sanqian directly filled his hand with a black energy, turned to the side again, this time his body obviously accelerated and flew up, and then, he slapped the wooden doll directly on the head with one palm.


In an instant, the huge wooden doll seemed to bear the unbearable weight of life. After a sudden shock, it immediately disintegrated on the spot and turned into a piece of sawdust.

The owner of the village was obviously in a daze. Of course he could have imagined that this wooden doll alone could not defeat Han Sanqian. But what he probably didn't expect was that it could not last two rounds in front of Han Sanqian.

"It's absolutely disgusting." The village owner shouted angrily.

The next second, he rolled it again in his hands!


The sawdust on the ground suddenly scattered like a dragon and a snake, but under the brush, it did indeed fall to the ground all of a sudden.

Many patterns were produced.

Although, these patterns are completely unclear.



Dozens of small wooden dolls suddenly appeared on the ground. Compared with the giant wooden doll just now, this small one looked more sinister and weird.

From a distance, these wooden dolls look like countless demonized and refined imps. They are eerie and give people a chilling feeling.



Dozens of wooden dolls took orders instantly, and then rushed towards Han Sanqian in unison.

They were coming from all directions. It was obviously impossible for Han Sanqian to dodge by relying solely on physical skills. Moreover, these dozens of wooden dolls were extremely fast. Without even waiting for Han Sanqian to react, these guys had already rushed forward quickly. Arrived near Han Sanqian.

Afterwards, Qi Qi used his arms to kill Han Sanqian.

The lock made Han Sanqian trapped in place.

From a distance, Han Sanqian looked like his body was covered with various wooden dolls. Han Sanqian had at least two or three wooden dolls clinging to each of his limbs.