Chapter: 8498

"In my eyes, are you considered a scholar?" Han Sanqian smiled disdainfully: "If I am right and you are that person, then to me, you are simply worse than a dog. "

"Am i right?"

Han Sanqian said coldly.

What Han Sanqian said was really cruel, because what Han Sanqian said was indeed true, because if he was really that person, then he would be a scumbag who deceived his friends and relatives.

What's even more shameful is that he later used these as bargaining chips for his own success. Let me ask, what is such a person if he is not inferior to a dog?

"You don't want me to unmask you. I think it's not just that you don't want to admit your identity in front of me, that you are inferior to me. What you don't want to admit is actually the guilt in your heart."

"Once your true identity is known to others, I'm afraid you won't be able to face the world."

"What I said is right?"

Han Sanqian said coldly.

Upon hearing this, the owner of the village trembled visibly. Although his reaction was very subtle, it was honestly captured by Han Sanqian.

Seeing this, Han Sanqian couldn't help but sneered with even more disdain.

"It's true that you are trash. Now, let's reveal your ugly true face."

As soon as he finished speaking, Han Sanqian raised his hand to reveal the owner of the village.

Almost at the same time, a black figure rushed up quickly. Without waiting for Han Sanqian to react, the black figure started to attack Han Sanqian quickly.

Because the incident happened suddenly and the black shadow's offensive was too fierce, Han Sanqian had to temporarily let go of the village owner and took a few steps back to neutralize the opponent's offensive.

Taking a closer look, Han Sanqian recognized that the woman in front of him was none other than the woman who was under the cave before.

She should indeed exist in the famous store, but this woman has not appeared so frequently that Han Sanqian almost ignored her existence.

"Are you here to die?" Han Sanqian shouted coldly.

Although this woman does have some abilities, if she wants to deal with Han Sanqian, she is obviously not on the same level at all.

Therefore, Han Sanqian didn't take her seriously at all.

"Han Sanqian, I know that my cultivation level is not as good as yours. If I had to fight you forcefully, I wouldn't be your opponent, but this is a famous store after all."

"He is, after all, the owner of a famous store. You can kill him, but you must keep your dignity."

Although that woman is not as strong as Han Sanqian, she can still be neither humble nor cheating when facing Han Sanqian, and she has a very clear attitude.

"I'm sorry, no one can stop me from doing what I want to do." Han Sanqian smiled disdainfully.

He made up his mind to reveal the hypocritical face of the village owner and let this hypocritical person be embarrassed for once.