Chapter: 8826

However, Que'er has now completely surrendered to him, and Han Sanqian also believes that this guy can drink the blood of the turtle without hesitation, so he should be completely sincere in his surrender.

Sometimes, these vicious or violent people or things are either difficult to conquer, or once they are conquered by you, they may be extremely loyal to you.

The reason for this is that this kind of people actually worship strength very much, so when you conquer it, it will be absolutely loyal to your strength.

Of course, there is a good and bad side, that is, when your strength is not enough to suppress him, danger may also occur.

But it is precisely this kind of person who worships strength who actually doesn’t have many thoughts. If you are good enough to him, and if you influence him during the period when your strength can suppress him, then he will most likely continue to follow you. .

Therefore, for Han Sanqian, he is actually more willing to accept and conquer some such people.

"My lord, peacock?"

That strange cow couldn't help but moan after these two guys showed up.

Hearing this, Han Sanqian couldn't help but frown slightly: "What's wrong, do you three know each other?"

Wei Niu smiled softly. From his tone, you couldn't tell whether he was unhappy or happy. It was very light: "More than just knowing them, even if they turn into ashes, I will never forget them."

The old turtle also smiled softly: "Not bad."

Que'er couldn't help but snorted coldly: "Master, I have known this damn turtle for as long as I have known this weird cow."

Han Sanqian was stunned: "There won't be any deep hatred between you, right?"

On one side were the two younger brothers he had just conquered, and on the other were the comrades who had just fought with him in a life-and-death battle. Han Sanqian didn't want any love, hatred, or even any conflict between them.

When the time comes, it won’t be a good idea to help anyone.

"One is an unruly peacock, and the other is a free and undisciplined boss. I never thought that one day you two would obediently submit to humans. This... actually surprised me."

"Ugh, well..." The old turtle was a little embarrassed.

After all, they all know the basics, so with their status, it would be somewhat embarrassing if old friends or acquaintances knew that they were succumbing to others.

They used to be so awesome and majestic, but now they are reduced to this...

"Hmph, in the past, you didn't bother to work with so many gods and men, but what you are doing now makes me look at you with admiration." Wei Niu snorted coldly, and then looked at Han Sanqian: "Although this kid was with me just now , fought against the enemy together.”

"There is a certain amount of affection between me and him, but I must also say, is this guy really so virtuous and capable that he can make you two surrender to him?"

Han Sanqian looked a little speechless. He had already expected that this strange cow would say this. However, he had expected it, and being said so directly to his face, he couldn't accept it for a while.

"How can he be so virtuous?" Without waiting for Han Sanqian to fight back, Que'er immediately acted as a substitute and was the first to refuse: "Kai Niu, I used to think you were somewhat capable. But now I see Come on, you are nothing more than this, your taste is so bad."

The old turtle also fought back immediately: "Although this bird and I have never been able to deal with each other, Kui Niu, this time, I really stand by this bird. Did you stay in that cemetery for a long time?" , so he must be blind."

The strange cow was counterattacked by two monsters at the same time, and his face was a little confused: "I think your knees are almost weak. Do you have the guts to tell me this here?"

"This kid fought alongside me not long ago. Don't I still know what his strength is? Do you two need to make irresponsible remarks here?"

"If you have really fought side by side with my eldest brother, then you shouldn't have made such a misjudgment." The little turtle said disdainfully.

Wei Niu wanted to say something, but when he heard both Peacock and Old Turtle say this, especially since the attitudes and tone of these two people were very disdainful, Wei Niu frowned.

Based on his knowledge of these two people, they can be considered very arrogant.

Theoretically, it's really unlikely that they would go weak on the knees because of a human being.

So, is it possible that I really misjudged something?

Thinking of this, Wei Niu didn't say anything more, and directly took up a bit of recovered energy and attacked Han Sanqian.

Han Sanqian also knew that this guy didn't have any ill intentions, but simply wanted to release a true energy to check him. Therefore, Han Sanqian did not dodge. They were all comrades anyway. If he wanted to find out, then let him find out.

For myself, this is no loss at all.

Soon, Wei Niu's aura detected some conditions in Han Sanqian's body. It didn't matter if he didn't check it. Once he checked, Wei Niu's whole body suddenly became a little unstoppable.

"This, this is not right. This guy was not like this before, but now... why is it completely different now?" Wei Niu was completely shocked.

Compared with the previous Han Sanqian, the current Han Sanqian has completely changed.

" did he become like this?"