Chapter: 2135

After Lu Hanchuan understood, he let her go, wiped the water stains from the corner of his mouth with his thumb, gave Lin Muxi a warning look, and went out.

Fu Xiaoyao also twitched the corners of her mouth, then walked towards Lin Muxi with a whip.

Lin Muxi looked at her warily, "What are you doing here?"

"What am I here for?" Fu Xiaoyao sneered, "Lin Muxi, you are so good. Someone snatched my bag, lured my husband here, and wanted to cook raw rice."

Lin Muxi's eyes flickered, "So you're here to Xingshi to inquire about the crime?"

"You can think so." Fu Xiaoyao shook off the whip in her hand, and then slapped it on the ground, leaving a mark on the carpet.

Seeing this, Lin Muxi's pupils shrank, and his body trembled, " want to hit me?"

She looked at Fu Xiaoyao in disbelief.

Fu Xiaoyao hooked her lips, "That's right, I just want to beat you, and my revenge method is to beat her until I beat her to death!"

Lin Muxi's lips trembled, "You are breaking the law."

"Oh?" Fu Xiaoyao narrowed her eyes, "Illegal? So you also know what is illegal, it's okay, even if it's illegal, I won't let you go, I just hit the mistress again, you seduced my husband and hurt me How can I forgive you, child in my womb."

While speaking, Fu Xiaoyao already swung the whip.


The whip fell on Lin Muxi's body, and Lin Muxi screamed in pain on the spot, the bathrobe on her body was torn, and the skin under the bathrobe was bruised and oozing blood.

Seeing how she beat Lin Muxi like this, Fu Xiaoyao raised her eyebrows, and then threw the whip again.

Lin Muxi kept rolling on the ground in pain.

Seeing this scene, Fu Xiaoyao felt a burst of joy in her heart, and then she slapped Lin Muxi a few times, not a single spot of good skin on Lin Muxi's body, and even her face had two wounds.

Judging by the depth of those two wounds, Lin Muxi must have scars on his face.

Finally, Fu Xiaoyao was tired from beating, and Lin Muxi was in so much pain that she couldn't even move a finger. She opened her eyes and stared at Fu Xiaoyao in horror and hatred.

It never occurred to her that Fu Xiaoyao would actually dare to beat her and beat her like this.

Even if she doesn't need to look in the mirror, she can know that her body will not get better, and she will definitely leave scars.

"Why, it seems that you are still not convinced?" Seeing Lin Muxi looking at her like this, Fu Xiaoyao raised her whip again in a mischievous manner.

Lin Muxi's pupils shrank, and she closed her eyes immediately.

Fu Xiaoyao put down the whip boredly, then squatted down, lifted Lin Muxi's chin, "Open your eyes."

Lin Muxi trembled, not daring.