Chapter: 2776

“There’s no shortage of supplements in our house.”

The head of the Feng family said warmly: "I know your family is not short of supplements. This is the second aunt's wish. We haven't seen each other for decades. Now that the second aunt has found you, I will move around more in the future."

"Some time ago, the second aunt wanted to come over and verify it, but she never had time. This time, while attending the wedding of Master Zhan and Haitong, the second aunt spent a lot of time to confirm that you are my niece."

When the head of the Feng family spoke, he looked at Mrs. Shang lovingly.

Mrs. Shang's expression was still indifferent. She was not enthusiastic about this second aunt whom she had not seen for decades, and she was not even excited about the reunion of relatives.

"Haitong, it's good to marry into the Zhan family."

Seeing that Mrs. Shang was silent, the head of the Feng family had to find a topic by himself.

"Your sister can rest in peace even though she is under Jiuquan. Her two daughters are doing very well now, and we as elders can rest assured."

When attending Zhan Yin's wedding, the head of the Feng family wanted to find the shadow of the eldest sister in Haitong, but found that Haitong did not look like the eldest sister, but the little flower girl looked a bit like her eldest sister.

At that time, she was still lucky and hoped that Haitong was not the descendant of the eldest sister. After she inquired and verified, the head of the Feng family was disappointed.

Her luck was in vain.

Mrs. Shang is her eldest niece Feng Ying.

The Haitong sisters are the descendants of the eldest sister.

Haitong married the Zhan family, the richest man in Guancheng, and Mrs. Shang was the head wife of a merchant. In Guancheng, the Zhan family and the merchant each accounted for half of the family. If these two families joined forces, the Feng family would not be able to resist it.

After much thought, the head of the Feng family finally visited the merchant and admitted his niece openly and honestly.

As for the blood feud, decades have passed. Who has evidence to prove that she killed her sisters?

Without evidence, even if the niece is capable and powerful, there is nothing she can do against her.

She has held the position of head of the Feng family for decades, and it is impossible to hand it over again. If her sister's descendants want to compete with her daughter for power, let's see who has the ability. The winner is king. If her daughter loses She also acknowledged it to her sister’s descendants.

Mrs. Shang said calmly: "I am afraid that Master Feng cannot worry about my niece, so you should worry about your real and fake daughters first."

The head of the Feng family: "...A Ying, you used to talk to your second aunt, but it was not like this. You always called me your second aunt sweetly, and you would tell your second aunt anything you wanted to say. What's so delicious about it?" I would also keep it for my second aunt, but now I have a gun and a stick."

"We, aunt and nephew, haven't seen each other for decades. We finally found you and reunited. You're not excited at all, but you still have a cold and cold attitude. Are you resenting your second aunt?"

The head of the Feng family said sadly: "It's the second aunt's fault. The second aunt didn't take good care of you two sisters, which caused you to suffer so much outside. Your sister left early. When the second aunt thinks of her, she feels very sad." Yes, when she was a child, Yuxue was cute and she was our treasure."

As she spoke, her eyes turned red.

Mrs. Shang's eyes were as bright as lightning, she stared at Master Feng coldly, and said sarcastically: "Master Feng is not a visiting relative. Since Master Feng is not a visiting relative, I don't dare to shamelessly post it as a kinship."

When this old woman came in, she was not excited. She didn't come to recognize her as a relative. It was naturally impossible for Mrs. Shang to treat the head of the Feng family as if she were a relative.