Chapter: 2778

The driver drove quickly.

The bodyguard looked at his face and knew that the discussion between the owner and Mrs. Shang was not going well, and the owner was in a very bad mood.

Mrs. Shang and his wife stood at the door of their villa, watching the three cars drive out of their villa and quickly drive away.

"Ah Ying, these things?"

Mr. Shang asked his wife.


Mr. Shang hummed, "Then throw it away. She is so cruel that she really doesn't dare let Ah Jing eat the things she brings. We don't lack these things at home."

The Hai Ling sisters sent a lot of supplements alone, and besides, their business had no shortage of these.

Mr. Shang took those things from his wife and said, "I'll take them and throw them away. You go back and rest. You haven't had a good rest today."

"If you're in a bad mood and can't sleep, I won't sleep anymore. I'll go next door to see how Jun Ran's home is being decorated."

Mrs. Shang was in a good mood today, but was disturbed by the arrival of the Feng family leader.

"That's fine."

Mr. Shang personally took out the things sent by the Feng family and threw them into the large trash can outside.

Mrs. Shang went to Junran's new home next door, which would also be her daughter's home in the future.

Hearing the worker say that Mrs. Shang had come in, Jun Ran and Shang Xiaofei quickly returned to the front yard from the backyard, where they had just been watching the workers working.



Shang Xiaofei and Jun Ran called Mrs. Shang one after another.

Shang Xiaofei walked to her mother's side, took her arm affectionately, and smiled so hard that her eyes were crooked, "Mom, you are finally willing to come over and take a look."

Mrs. Shang lightly poked her daughter on the forehead and said to her, "You must be happy."

The Jun family's statement, coupled with the various incidents caused by Young Master Su's interference, made Mrs. Shang finally agree to Jun Ran and her daughter being together.

Two people can get married whenever they want.

She won't stop him anymore.

Junran has two houses in Guancheng. This one is next to their business and belongs to a neighbor. Junran has been working in Guancheng for a long time. Xiaofei still lives mostly in Guancheng after marriage, which does not affect her ability to see each other. daughter.

The main reason is that Xiaofei has liked two men since she was so old, one is Zhan Yin and the other is Jun Ran.