Chapter: 2779

Zhan Yin doesn't like Xiaofei, and now he is Haitong's husband. The couple's relationship is stable. Haitong is pregnant, so Shang Xiaofei can no longer be obsessed with him.

Mrs. Shang was glad that her daughter had the correct outlook on life. After learning that Zhan Yin was married, she immediately left and never pestered Zhan Yin again, simply and neatly.

If Xiaofei and Junran are not allowed to be together, Mrs. Shang is worried that her daughter will never marry again in her life.

Between letting her daughter be an old aunt and allowing her to marry into the Jun family, Mrs. Shang definitely chose the latter.

"I'm happy, very happy. Mom, please call me when you deliver food to my sister-in-law later. I miss my nephew so much."

Mrs. Shang smiled and said: "Your brother said that we don't need to go there at night. His mother-in-law will send food to them. Your sister-in-law will be discharged from the hospital the day after tomorrow, and then you can see the baby every day."

She also misses her grandchildren.

"Instead of sending food over, we can go and see the baby. It was my eldest brother who drove me back. Otherwise, I would have stayed in the hospital all day to accompany my sister-in-law and take care of my nephew."

Lan Jing is still in the hospital. She had a natural birth and was able to get out of bed and move around soon after giving birth. She does not need many people to stay in the hospital to take care of her.

Shang Wuhen and his mother-in-law are enough.

"Mom, did someone come to our house just now? I seemed to hear a stranger talking in our house."

Jun Ran invited his mother-in-law into the house, which was decorated to the nines.

Mrs. Shang smiled and answered her daughter's question: "He is here, the head of the Feng family in Jiangcheng."

"Master Feng? Isn't she Feng Qing's biological mother, damn... aunt?"

The smile on Shang Xiaofei's face disappeared all of a sudden.

"Mom, what is she doing here?"

Mrs. Shang's eyes flashed with hatred, and she said: "Come here to confirm my identity for the last time. When your grandmother had the accident, my mother was already sensible. When she sees her, she can recognize her even if she is much older. Likewise, she You can recognize me too."

"At Tongtong's wedding, I knew she came to have a wedding banquet, but there were too many people and I didn't see her. I thought she left after the wedding. Today she came to visit me and I found out that she has been staying in Wancheng."

And the stay was not short.

I think I have to ask around for confirmation.

"Mom, what will she do to us? You and dad try to go out as little as possible."

Shang Xiaofei was worried.

Before her mother could speak, she said domineeringly: "But in Guancheng, we are not afraid of her. If she dares to do something, we can make it easier for her to come and not leave."

Mrs. Shang said: "Don't worry. On the surface, she won't do anything. In private, if she doesn't do anything, it will rain red. In the past, my mother was young and didn't have a clear idea of ​​her character. Now Once you meet her, you know who she is.”

"Grandma's death?"