Chapter: 2780

Shang Xiaofei looked at her mother.

Mrs. Shang said: "Mom, I believe that the truth will be revealed one day. Xiaofei, you don't have to worry about this matter. Just take care of your own company and date Junran well. After Junran's house is renovated, , you two should also consider getting married."

"You two are quite young."

Mrs. Shang, who had just given birth to her grandson, began to want to hold her grandson, and urged Shang Xiaofei and Jun Ran to put their marriage on the agenda.

Jun Ran poured a glass of warm water for Mrs. Shang. After hearing what Mrs. Shang said, he took over with a smile: "Auntie, Xiaofei and I are not considering getting married this year. This house has been renovated inside and out. It is a big place. It’s not that fast, it won’t be ready until a year ago at the earliest.”

"If we get married early next year, Haitong will be pregnant with Liujia and will have a lot of inconvenience in attending our wedding. Xiaofei has a deep love for her sisters and insists that she attend the wedding. She doesn't want her sisters to miss my wedding and hers."

"So, Xiaofei and I have thought about it. After Shen Xiaojun and Haitong give birth, Xiaofei and I will get married and have a wedding."

Mrs. Shang looked at Jun Ran, then at her daughter, and said, "This is a major life event for both of you. Just think it over and decide. Mom will prepare a dowry for you. You can get married at any time. I There is a dowry for you at any time.”

Shang Xiaofei's face turned red, "Mom, I don't hate getting married, and I'm not in a hurry."

"I'm busy right now. Xiaojun and Tongtong are both pregnant. The burden of our company falls on my shoulders. I don't have time to prepare for the wedding. I might as well push it aside."

Mrs. Shang said: "As long as Jun Ran has no objection."

"I have no objection. Xiao Fei's wishes will prevail."

The two of them finally gained Mrs. Shang's approval. Jun Ran was only happy and had no objections.

Shang Xiaofei can get married whenever she wants, he will always be by her side.

After Mrs. Shang drank a glass of warm water, accompanied by Jun Ran and her daughter, she visited the love nest that Jun Ran built for her daughter. Although it was not decorated yet, Jun Ran paid great attention to every place and thing. , mainly based on Xiaofei’s hobbies.

Mrs. Shang never doubted the true nature of Jun Ran's feelings for Shang Xiaofei.

Of course she disagreed with the two of them being together, not because she disliked Jun Ran for not having the ability, but because she felt that Jun Ran was too far away.

She was reluctant to let her only daughter marry far away.

However, after Young Master Su suddenly interfered, Mrs. Shang felt that her daughter and Jun Ran were a perfect match. They were both talented and good-looking, and had similar family backgrounds. The main reason was that the two of them were in love with each other.


In a certain rental house, Ning Yunchu's two aunts were sitting on an old wooden sofa, while Ning Siqi was sitting on a chair.

On the old wooden coffee table in front of them were several rotten apples.

The eldest aunt of the Ning family said to her niece in embarrassment: "Siqi, this is the environment that aunt lives in now. Don't dislike it. Now, through connections, aunt works as a cleaner in a hotel, and the salary is better than working in the factory." Cleaners cost a little more, but they only make a few thousand yuan a month.”

"Auntie is very happy that you can come out early, but I can't help you financially. Please forgive me."

The second aunt of the Ning family also looked embarrassed and said: "Siqi, the second aunt has always loved you the most, and you know that, but we were harmed like this by your eldest sister. We even lost our house, and our whole family was... We can only rent a house to live in, and we have to work as cleaners when we are old to earn some living expenses. I want to help you, but I am really powerless."