Chapter: 2782

"Don't talk about wealthy families, just ordinary families. If you marry a wife and you can't have children, you will get divorced sooner or later."

Mrs. Cui and Jin, look at me and I look at you. Mrs. Jin asked Ning Siqi: "How did your mother know that Ning Yunchu couldn't have children?"

Ning Yunchu was not married, so why couldn't he have a baby?

"I don't know either. I was so angry at Ning Yunchu once. When I came to my mother to cry, my mother told me this. How did my mother know that she couldn't give birth? She didn't say the reason, but my mother said that she couldn't. She must not be able to give birth, she was born by my mother, doesn’t my mother know about her yet?”

Mrs. Cui said: "If she has a physical problem and is really unable to have children when she gets married, she will be kicked out of the Zhan family sooner or later. Look at Haitong not getting pregnant for a year after marrying into the Zhan family. How many people are talking about her behind her back? Will be kicked out."

"Is Haitong pregnant now?"

The first thing Ning Siqi hated was her sister, and the second person she hated was Haitong. She also wanted to know how Haitong was doing.

"No news has come out about the Zhan family yet, so she probably isn't pregnant yet, but Zhan Yin gave her a grand wedding. They held the wedding only half a month ago. That wedding was in Guancheng. It was really unprecedented. It’s a grand wedding, and I don’t know how many people are envious of it.”

Their family had gone bankrupt and had been kicked out of the rich circle. Naturally, they had no chance to attend the wedding. They could only look at the long wedding caravan, and they couldn't even inquire about the wedding.

When the two families were not bankrupt, they were not on the same level as the Zhan family.

Now, even if they want to inquire about some information, those who have been with them will not tell them, and they don't even want to meet them.

Anyway, there is no good news from the Zhan family, that is, Haitong is not pregnant yet.

Ning Siqi said bitterly: "Aunt, second aunt, my parents, and I all went in because of Haitong's meddling. If it weren't for her, our family wouldn't be like this. Our family wouldn't be like this." If this happens, it won’t happen in my aunt’s and second aunt’s homes.”

"I hate Haitong so much!"

The two aunts, you look at me and I look at you. Finally, the eldest aunt said to Ning Siqi: "Siqi, you are out now. Your second aunt and I are counting on you to take back everything in the Ning family." , so that our two families can hope to get together."

"We will definitely do our best to help you fight with Ning Yunchu, but for Haitong, listen to my aunt's advice and tell her not to provoke her again. You couldn't fight her before, but you will fight her even more now. but."

"Behind her are not only the Zhan family, but also merchants, the Lu family, and even the low-key Su family who support her. Any one of these big families can scare people to death."

"The first fight you had with Ning Yun was a sisterly fight, and it was your Ning family's business. No matter how much Haitong likes to meddle in other people's affairs, he will not stretch out his hand to interfere with your sisters."

Ning Siqi said angrily: "Are we going to let Haitong be so free and comfortable? Her happiness is based on our pain!"

"What can we do? With our current conditions, what do you think we can do to her? Look at you, you can't even enter your own home. Tell me, what can you do against the eldest mistress of the Zhan family? ?”

Ning Siqi choked.

She wanted to say that she had found a helper, but remembered that Mrs. Zheng had reminded her not to tell anyone about their cooperation.

Ning Siqi held back again.

She hasn't gained Mrs. Zheng's trust yet.

Mrs. Zheng said that she could only decide whether to cooperate or not by looking at her behavior after returning to the Ning family.