Chapter: 2784

As long as they can return to Ning's Enterprise, they must firmly control Ning's Enterprise in their own hands, so that they will not be driven out by a blind man like Ning Yunchu like before.

Ning Siqi said: "Auntie, second aunt, I am no longer the Ning Siqi I used to be. Inside, do you think I am better off than you? Can I eat as much as before? I won't mind if I can eat now. ”

When she first entered, she was not used to eating and was often hungry.

When you feel very hungry, you eat, and you get used to it as you eat.

When she was extremely hungry, she wished she could eat Ning Yunchu's meat. If it weren't for the blind man, she wouldn't have gone in.

Aunt Ning said distressedly: "Siqi, you've suffered a lot. It'll be fine now that you're out. Let's be more careful in the future so that they don't catch us and send us in. Your parents... .well."

Second Aunt Ning also sighed.

If the eldest brother hadn't gone in, they wouldn't have ended up like this.

When their natal family has no one to support them, they have a hard time in their husband's family. Fortunately, their children have grown up, otherwise their husband's family will kick them out because they are the ones who have caused trouble for the Cui family and the Jin family.

Thinking of the attitude of their husband's family towards them, Aunt Ning and her sisters felt resentful. In the past, both families had benefited a lot from their natal family's influence, but now that the head of their natal family has changed, they can no longer benefit. The husband's family blames them.

Fortunately, Ning Siqi came out.

They were married women, or daughters who had been married for decades. When they came back to compete for the Ning family's property, they couldn't compete with Ning Yunchu.

But Ning Siqi can.

If Ning Yunchu didn't want to talk, he asked Siqi to sue her.

"First aunt, second aunt, my dad can be released soon if he rehabilitates himself well and gets a commutation of his sentence, but my mother... the chance of her coming out is relatively small."

Second Aunt Ning said: "Your mother didn't behave well inside. Last time Tianlei went to see her, she didn't speak much. Tianlei said she seemed to want to die."

"It's impossible. If my mother had a chance to live, she wouldn't want to die. She couldn't bear to leave me and my brother, and she wouldn't be willing to watch Ning Yunchu take over everything in the Ning family."

Ning Siqi knew her mother, and she believed that her mother would not want to die.

It’s just that my mother was severely sentenced and had little chance of coming out alive.

"Tian Lei said that your mother's health has deteriorated a lot and she has lost two pounds... A good family was torn apart by Yun Chu. Why is she so cruel? Her father is already dead. After more than 20 years, your mother is still her biological mother, and she can be cruel."

Ning Siqi said nothing.

She knew how much Ning Yunchu hated them.

They had also caused misfortune to Ning Yunchu before.

The crime committed by the parents not only killed Ning Yunchu's biological father, but also involved other illegal things, especially the mother, who was involved in gangs, kidnapping, intentional injury, etc. Only if the parents were convicted of several crimes Sentenced harshly.

"Which university did Tianlei go to?"