Chapter: 2785

Ning Siqi asked about her brother.

When she was in jail, her brother never visited her once.

Even though the relationship between the siblings was not very good, after their parents died, she and her brother were the closest people, and the brother was cruel and refused to see her.

When Ning Tianlei was mentioned, the two aunts looked unhappy.

Aunt Ning said: "Tianlei was admitted to a key university, but it's not in Guancheng. The school is in another province. It's convenient to take the high-speed rail back and forth. He is biased towards Ning Yunchu and listens to his eldest sister in everything."

"When he first learned about your parents, he felt sad and couldn't accept it, so he didn't want to see his eldest sister. But when we persuaded him to fall out with his eldest sister and fight for the power of the Ning family, he didn't listen to us. Let's talk more. Next time, he will drive us away."

"When Mr. Zhan and Haitong held their wedding some time ago, Tianlei took leave from school for some unknown reason. Later, he followed Ning Yunchu to Zhan's house for a wedding banquet. After Mr. Zhan's wedding, he returned to school of."

"He came to see us before going back to school. He came secretly. He gave us some food, left some money, and then left. If we didn't talk about his eldest sister, he would sit there for a while, and when we mentioned it, His eldest sister, he got up and left.”

"This child has been drunk by Ning Yunchu since he was a child. No matter what Ning Yunchu's attitude is towards him, he will follow her."

Even the brother and sister-in-law complained in private, thinking that their son owed Ning Yunchu in his previous life, and he was always coveting his eldest sister in this life.

Ning Siqi scolded her younger brother: "He and I are siblings from the same father and mother, but he always helps the blind man. The blind man doesn't want to pay attention to him, and he has to follow him, calling him eldest sister, eldest sister." of."

"Whenever I have a conflict with that blind man, he will always help the blind man, no matter who is right or wrong, blame me, say I am too bad, say I have no sisterly love, and even file a lawsuit against me to my father."

Ning Siqi was also full of dissatisfaction with her younger brother.

Ning Ergu said: "Tian Lei is kind-hearted, but he is rarely at home. I don't know that his eldest sister is not as good as he thought. Siqi, I'm worried that you can't defeat Yunchu alone. She now has a war family fortune." Patron, when you get your mobile phone and bank card back, go to the school to see Tian Lei."

"Tian Lei is now an adult. Only if you two siblings join forces can you defeat Yun Chu. After all, you two are siblings from the same father and mother. You should be of the same mind. Yun Chu also has a sibling relationship with Tian Lei. Love, if she has some scruples, it will be good for you."

Ning Siqi said: "Only if Tianlei is willing to be of the same mind as me. As my aunt said, I don't know what kind of ecstasy soup Ning Yunchu poured into him, so that he would chase Ning Yunchu and help him since he was a child. Hold her."

She just couldn't bear to see her brother being so kind to Blind Ning, so she asked her parents to send her brother to boarding school to reduce the time that her brother spent with Blind Ning.

"Just coax him more. In short, you two must be of the same mind, otherwise you won't be able to fight her."

Aunt Ning got up to get some money and said to Ning Siqi: "Siqi, you rest here, Aunt Ning went to buy groceries."

Ning Siqi looked at the place where her aunt lived now. Although the rented house was said to have three bedrooms and one living room, it was a dilapidated house. Even if it was cleaned very well, it still felt dirty to her. How could she have a good rest here? ?

Not in jail.

She has come out.

She regained her freedom and became the second young lady of the Ning family again.

But she didn't show her disdain. She wanted to join forces with her two eldest aunts to deal with Ning Yunchu.

"Auntie, let me follow you to buy groceries."