Chapter: 2786

Ning Siqi stood up and said.

Aunt Ning didn't stop her, so the two sisters took Ning Siqi out to buy vegetables at the vegetable market.

When the aunt and nephew were visiting the vegetable market, photos and videos were secretly taken.

That was when Ning Yunchu asked the housekeeper to arrange for someone to follow Ning Siqi to see what Ning Siqi would do.

After the person following Ning Siqi took the photo, he sent the photo and video to the housekeeper, as well as the addresses of the two aunts of the Ning family's rental house.

When Ning Yunchu received all the photos and videos from the housekeeper, she and Zhan Yichen just returned to Youyou Villa.

Knowing that the two of them would come back for dinner and Zhan Yichen would have to cook in person, the second wife had already sent people to buy a lot of ingredients so that the eldest son could show off his skills.

There are many people in the family, and Zhan Yichen cooks the food himself. Naturally, everyone has to gather together to eat, and cook more dishes to make the meal more lively.

Just as Zhan Yichen's car stopped, he heard the shouts of Haitong and the second wife.

Ning Yunchu didn't care about his men anymore and got out of the car first.

"Auntie, Tongtong."

Ning Yunchu smiled and said hello to the second wife, then nodded to Zhan Yin who was not far away, and called him brother.

The second wife smiled and said, "You and Yichen are engaged, so you can change your name to mom."

She knew that this prospective daughter-in-law was not well-connected with her relatives, did not like her mother, and had never enjoyed maternal love.

She felt very distressed and gave her daughter-in-law as much maternal love as possible.


Ning Yunchu changed his tune naturally.

She likes her husband's family very much.

Her mother-in-law was really kind to her. Her own mother was not nice to her at all, but her mother-in-law was many times better than her own mother.

She couldn't see her before, and her mother-in-law never disliked her.

Two aunts came to Zhan's house to meet her mother-in-law, saying that she was not suitable for Zhan Yichen, and wanted to use her mother-in-law to break up her and Yichen. As a result, her mother-in-law said a very domineering sentence. After she heard what her mother-in-law said, Very touched.

I started to treat my mother-in-law like my mother.

The second wife happily agreed.

She looked into her daughter-in-law's eyes and asked, "Yun Chu, is your vision better? How far can you see?"

"Second Aunt, it's not too late to take Yunchu back to the house first and then ask questions."