Chapter: 2787

Haitong smiled and said to Ning Yunchu: "Second Aunt knew you were coming back in the afternoon, so she made appointments with friends and stayed at home waiting for you. Grandma also said she would come back for dinner."

After she and her husband visited her cousin, they returned to the villa to rest. Yun Chu came over just in time to chat with her.

Haitong and Zhan Yin spent their honeymoon on a self-driving trip in Guancheng. It was not far away and it was very convenient to go home.

I thought about the world between two people, so I went out to play and lived in another house under Zhan Yin's name.

Although Zhan Yin looks serious and indifferent, he is a very enjoyable person. The villas under his name are all bought in good locations, which are convenient for fun and have a lot of delicious food.

"Now that I can see a little farther, I'm actually very satisfied with it. It's countless times better than the total darkness in front of me."

"Tongtong, you didn't visit your cousin-in-law? That little baby is so cute. Yichen and I came back right after we got out of the hospital."

Haitong smiled and said: "I went to see her, but she didn't let me stay there for too long. She said I was pregnant too and was afraid that I would be tired. When my cousin-in-law is discharged from the hospital, we would go and have a look. The baby is so cute. It makes your heart melt just looking at it.”

She took Ning Yunchu's arm affectionately. Ning Yunchu's other hand was held by the second wife, and the three of them walked slowly towards the main house.

Zhan Yin and Zhan Yichen, who had just gotten out of the car, were left behind by three women.


Zhan Yichen opened the door of the back seat of the car and shouted to his eldest brother: "Brother, come here and help me get something. Yun Chu insists on buying gifts. Everyone has a share. My car is packed to the top. Everyone has a share." Became a truck.”

"The family was so polite that she didn't have to buy gifts in the future. It wasn't the first time they visited."

Zhan Yin came over and helped his brother get things. After looking at the car, he said, "Why did you buy so many things?"

"Everyone has a share, can there be less? Call Uncle Yang and ask him to come over and help."

Zhan Yichen's car was parked in an open-air parking lot, a few hundred meters away from the main building of the center.

Zhan Yin stuffed the things back into the car and said to him: "It would be much more convenient if you just drive over and park at the door of the house. Why park here? It doesn't matter if you walk so far. It doesn't matter if you carry so many things." died."

When he comes back, he always drives directly to the door of the house before stopping.

They are not guests. When guests come to visit, their cars are parked in the open-air parking lot.

Zhan Yichen said: "Didn't I stop the car when I saw you guys?"

He looked at the three women walking away, "Let's drive there, where are they?"

Zhan Yin also looked at the three women and said, "They just like to chat while walking, let them alone. The one in your family can only see things clearly now, and he also wants to walk around and enjoy the scenery."

Feeling that what his elder brother said was reasonable, Zhan Yichen returned to the car and asked his elder brother, "Brother, do you want to come with us?"