Chapter: 3039

Qiao Han asked.

"Waiting at Fengze Hotel, let's meet her there, or should we let her go to Feng's house first, and we go directly from your company to Feng's house?"

Qiao Han asked: "You didn't say Tu?"

"That's nonsense."

"Now that you've said it, don't change it, otherwise Sister Hailing will have to wait in vain at the hotel. If you had said goodbye earlier, they wouldn't have waited so long."

Zhan Haoyu smiled and said, "I didn't think carefully enough. I thought it would be safer for Sister Hailing if we go together."

"Since Sister Hai Ling dares to come here, she has made all kinds of mental preparations. There is no need for you to restrain Sister Hai Ling."

"I didn't restrain her. I thought she was new here and didn't even have her feet on the ground, so I had to support her. So that my sister-in-law wouldn't worry."

Zhan Haoyu said in a low voice: "That old woman is cruel and ruthless. Sister Hai Ling suddenly came over and touched the old woman's nerves. She is now afraid that she can't sleep because she is worried that the power she snatched will return to the right path."

After Qiao Han was silent, he said: "The Feng family's family rules are not good. We shouldn't set such rules. The wise and capable should be in charge. Only in this way can people be convinced."

Zhan Haoyu followed in silence.

The Feng family's rules are indeed unacceptable.

When such rules are set at the beginning, others have no rules and can still abide by them honestly.

As time went by, other capable people appeared, and I was forced to be an errand boy. How could I not have any objections in my heart?

Especially for sisters from the same generation, the eldest sister has an innate advantage because she is older, which is very unfair to the younger sisters.

If the eldest sister is particularly outstanding, the younger sisters will have nothing to say.

What about when the eldest sister has mediocre abilities and the younger sister is particularly outstanding? Could it be that the eldest sister should also be allowed to take the position and the younger sister should be relegated to the position of auxiliary minister?

This is not to say that the previous Feng family was not good. The previous Feng family was better than the current Feng family. It was just that she trusted her sister too much. She gave birth to girls at a consecutive advanced age, which hurt her body, so she was My sister took advantage of the opportunity.

"There is no need to solve the problems left over by history. It takes a large number of heads to have the courage to change the family rules. But after the family rules are changed, the competition will be greater, and there are still conspiracies."

"Human nature cannot stand the test of money, power, and status."

Qiao Han stopped talking.

"We don't want that, and it's not ours. We just need to support Sister Hailing. Whatever she does, that's hers. Sister Hailing is my sister-in-law's biological sister. Only with this relationship can we Mind your own business."

Otherwise, what does the Feng family's journey have to do with them?

Qiao Han smiled and said, "That's natural. It's not like I'm full and hungry, so I went there uninvited tonight. I just wanted to show my attitude by eating that meal."

Let the Feng family not dare to be too arrogant.

Who is Hai Ling, her future sister-in-law?