Chapter 3210
and two

In the early morning of the next day, Lin Mo wore a slim-fitting gown, but did not wear the clothes of Zhenyue's envoy, and took the prince to the Wumeng.

Wumeng in Haifang City is much better than when Lin Mo first arrived in Panyang City.

A sign with the word Wumeng hangs above the four-story retro high-rise building.

Lin Mo walked into it with the prince leisurely.

When a receptionist saw Lin Mo, his eyes suddenly lit up, such a handsome boy.

"Sir, what's the matter with you?"

Lin Mo looked at the front desk and responded with a smile.

"My name is Lin Mo, I'm looking for your vice president."

Wang Laosan's information to Lin Mo stated that the position of vice president was before the retreat of the president Murong Yunhai.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the Wumeng League, the position was temporarily established.

The woman at the front desk looked at Lin Mo coming up to look for the vice president, and asked in a daze.

"Have you made an appointment with the vice president in advance?"

Lin Mo shook his head and was about to speak when an eager voice suddenly sounded.

"Sir Zhenyue, you are here. I've been looking forward to the stars and the moon these two days."

A fat figure ran over quickly, with a sincere smile on his round face.

When the lady at the front desk saw the fat figure, she said, "Vice President."

Lin Mo looked at the complimenting figure in front of him, and then looked at the documents held by the prince.

"Are you He Erhe Vice President?"

"That's right, it's the villain. I don't think that the envoy Zhenyue can remember the villain's name. It's really a blessing for three lives."

The prince raised the document in his hand, put it on He Er's face, and said hesitantly.

"Are you sure this is you?"

He Er glanced at the information in the Prince's hand. The photo above was of a man with a gentle smile on his face.

The prince took a hard look at the man's tall and straight figure in the photo, and then looked at the flesh on Heer's body.

"That's right, this is the lower official, I was still very thin at that time."

The smile on He Er's face did not change at all, and he still said with a smile.

"What about the beauty mole on your chin?"

The prince pointed to the beauty mole on the photo.

"Xiaguan thought it was very indecent, so he asked someone to give it to him."

Stopped wanting to say this, isn't it your prince, Lin Mo said.

"Master He said something about looking forward to the stars and looking forward to the moon, so why don't you go to the welcome banquet that day?"

He Er's face suddenly showed bitterness, and he began to sigh.

"Emissary Zhenyue, He Er and I are also suffering, you don't know."

"Since the President has retreated, I have been under tremendous pressure from the Wumeng Alliance."

"Look at my cheeks full of vicissitudes, don't look at how fat I am now."

"I was obese because of a lot of stress."

Kazuo's playfulness made the atmosphere between the three of them very soothing.

"Mr. Zhenyue, you go to the office to chat with me."

He Er took Lin Mo and the prince up the stairs.

As for the elevator, because of the trouble and a total of four floors.

There was no plan in the first place.

Kazuo's office is full of simplicity.

A table, a chair, and a cabinet are just three simple things.

Looking at this extremely simple office, Lin Mo couldn't help sighing.

"He and the second vice president have been working in Wumeng for more than 30 years. The office only has these three things. It's really simple."

When He Er heard Lin Mo's praise, a deep smile appeared on his face.

"Zhenyue envoy Miao Zan and someone. As officials of the Wumeng League, we should lead by example and take the lead in frugality."

Just when He Er wanted to read out his full ink one by one, he heard another sentence from Lin Mo.

"That's why there are such new moving marks on the floor."

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