Chapter 3750
within the hospital.

Lin Mo seriously restored what happened.

"Let's make it clear first, it's your son who also came to my hotel to look for trouble."

"Not only did he beat my employees, but he also poisoned me with heartworm."

His own hand, of course, is clear.

Just those dozens of big mouths just swelled Matthews' face.

There is absolutely no possibility of internal injury.

It was simply because Hailang helped the crowd that it was dark, which caused Matthews to be half-dead.

Lin Mo came here, naturally, not to be counseled by the Sword Sect.

I just don't want to be the target of the Sea Wolf King's gun for nothing.

Ma Bond frowned, thinking secretly in his heart.

If it was really their own son who poisoned them, then it was indeed their fault.


The reasoning is purely based on Lin Mo's own powerful strength.

If not, Ma Bond would have slapped him to death long ago.

"Now I'm in a coma in bed!"

"All these are just one-sided words of your Excellency."

Ma Bond said.

Lin Mo nodded: "What you said makes sense."

"Then let's let the parties speak!"

After that, he walked straight to the ward and opened the door.

Come to the bedside.

Under Ma Bond's astonished eyes, Lin Mo raised his palm high.

"Beast, you dare!"

Ma Bond widened his eyes and roared angrily.

It's just that he said it was slow.


A crisp slap landed firmly on Matthews' swollen face.


Luo Liang was stunned when he saw the terrifying scene in front of him.

How dare he!

In the face of this sect leader, beat the eldest young master.

This is totally boring!

as predicted.

Ma Bond saw that his son was slapped, and could no longer restrain himself.

Raising his hand and flicking it, a bloody broadsword suddenly appeared in his hand.

"You are looking for..."

Death, there is still no time to speak.

Matthews on the hospital bed suddenly twitched his eyelashes.

Seeing his son wake up, Ma Bond immediately put away his murderous intention.

"Xiu'er, how are you feeling now?"

Ma Bond approached the bed with full of concern.

Matthews opened his eyes loosely.

The moment he saw his father, his eyes were red.

Tears fell involuntarily.

Since childhood, when has he suffered such grievances?

"Dad, you want to avenge me!"

"The bastards of the Ocean Wave Gang, you must kill them for me."

"And there's that unfortunate Maureen who slapped me dozens of times!"

"I had a dream just now that someone hit me in the mouth."

"woo woo woo woo!"

Thinking of the previous encounter, Matthews cried directly.

He was so embarrassed.

When he turned his head, he found that there were other people beside the hospital bed.

"Dad, who is this person? Why do I feel a little familiar."

Lin Mo grinned, revealing two hundred white teeth.

"I'm the Maureen who can't die."

"Besides, you weren't the most dreamy just now!"

"I woke you up with a slap, no thanks."

Don't say it!

This Matthews' fat face, fanning his mouth, is really cool!

Matthews was stunned for a while, it seemed that because of the trauma to his brain, he did not react for a while.

next second.

His pupils shrank, obviously thinking of something.


Originally weak, he was instantly beaten like chicken blood.

A carp hit hard and hid behind Ma Bond with lightning speed.

Obviously, Lin Mo's big mouth had left a deep psychological shadow on him.

"Dad, he's a bastard, kill him!"

He never imagined that Lin Mo would chase him to the hospital.

Ma Bond didn't do anything, he turned his head and asked.

"Did you get the poison of the Heart Eating Grass?"

Matthews looked away, but he shook his head immediately.

"Dad, it's not me, I don't have any, don't listen to this kid's nonsense."

How could he admit this.

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