Chapter 1851
These words are extremely helpless, even with a trace of prayer...

Everyone who hears it thinks that Leng Difeng is wishful thinking, self-indulgent, and is now stalking Hua Xiaofo! ! !

Leng Difeng was hit hard, and his face became unsightly like never before...

Like the eve of a storm, the clouds are thick.

He had never suffered such a blow before, his heart seemed to be pierced by something, blood dripping...

At this moment, he felt that he was a joke.

All infatuation, persistence, and persistence are all jokes! ! !

When Hua Xiaofo saw him like this, she couldn't help but regret it. She felt like she had gone too far...

Although she had forgotten what happened in the past, her heart ached when she saw him so sad and sad.

Come to think of it, when she was young, she also really loved him, right?


Leng Xiao was very worried. After ten years with the master, he had never seen him like this.

Leng Difeng didn't say anything, just made a cold gesture.

Leng Xiao immediately ordered and let Bai Hao go.

Bai Hao was beaten, his nose was bruised and his face was swollen, he climbed out of the car in embarrassment, and hid weakly behind Hua Xiaofo, like a wronged little daughter-in-law...

On the other hand, Hua Xiaofo is more like a responsible man, bravely guarding in front of him.

Leng Difeng took a deep look at Hua Xiaofo, said nothing, turned and got into the car...

The convoy galloped away and soon disappeared from sight.

Hua Xiaofo finally breathed a sigh of relief, looked at the necklace in his hand and sighed, "Finally got it back, that guy shouldn't look for me again in the future."

"Is he the legendary Mr. L?" Bai Hao asked with lingering fears, "Murderous, so scary."

"Well, let's go upstairs first." Hua Xiaofo walked up to the hotel, and Bai Hao quickly followed behind, "Ancestor, you just said you wanted to marry me, is that true?"

Hua Xiaofo rolled his eyes and ignored him, just quickened his pace...

"Ancestor, you also said that you are pregnant with my child, hehe, I think this can be turned into a fact..."

"Shut up!!!" Hua Xiaofo interrupted him and said coldly, "I said that just to get rid of him, you hurry up and make arrangements and go back to Switzerland tonight."

"In such a hurry?" Bai Hao quickened his pace to keep up with her, "Don't you want to go to Hua Lao for surgery?"

"There's no time." Hua Xiaofo frowned, "We have to leave here early to save the night."

"Ah? Why??" Bai Hao didn't understand.

"What if Leng Difeng feels that he has been humiliated and comes back to me for revenge?" Hua Xiaofo said angrily, "He is the only one who respects me, where has he suffered such grievances? I just hurt him."

"That's right, I feel like his eyes are going to eat people."

Bai Hao has lingering fears when he thinks about it. He is lucky to be able to save his life.

When the two returned to the room, they began to pack their luggage and prepare to leave.

at the same time……

In the car, Leng Difeng looked gloomy and said nothing.

Leng Xiao had never seen his master like this before, and he felt very uneasy. He wanted to speak to comfort him, but he didn't know how to say it...

After all, he has no experience with this kind of thing.

At this moment, Leng Difeng's cell phone began to vibrate, but he didn't seem to sense it at all, sitting there motionless...

Leng Xiao did not dare to speak, and soon, his cell phone rang, and he quickly answered the phone "Hello!"

After saying a few words on the phone, Leng Xiao's face changed greatly. After responding a few words, he quickly reported to Leng Difeng, "Sir, there is a situation in the group."

Leng Difeng came back to his senses, picked up his mobile phone, and opened the check file...

Immediately, he gave a low order, "Return to Country E!"


Hua Xiaofo and Bai Hao took a taxi and hurried to the airport. On the way, Prince William called, "Xiao Buddha, are you done? Let's meet."

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