Chapter 2060
When I woke up in the morning, my aunt was nowhere to be seen.

Hua Xiaofo thought that his aunt had already returned to his room, so he didn't care. He was changing clothes when Bai Hao suddenly hurried in, "Ancestor, it's not good..."

His words stopped abruptly when he saw the half-naked Hua Xiaofo, he hurriedly turned around, and was incoherent, "That, I, I didn't mean to."

"Knock first next time." Hua Xiaofo put on a T-shirt and slowly put on jeans, "What happened, so anxious??"

"Aunt Qiu and Uncle Qiu are gone." Bai Hao said anxiously, "I went to Uncle Qiu early in the morning and found that the other person was gone, and Aunt Qiu was not there either. The two drove off in an off-road vehicle..."

"They're going to do business." Hua Xiaofo disagreed, "What's the fuss about."

"No." Bai Hao was anxious, "The door of the weapon store in Uncle Qiu's room has been opened..."

Hearing this sentence, Hua Xiaofo was stunned for a moment, and his face instantly became serious, "What did you say?"

While speaking, she strode out...

Bai Hao followed behind and said anxiously, "I recently felt that something was wrong with them. Uncle Qiu taught me a lesson every day, as if he was telling me what happened behind him. My aunt didn't scold me anymore, she even did it to me last night. delicious……"

"Talk about the main point." Hua Xiaofo drank impatiently.

"I think they left for other reasons and may not come back." Bai Hao finally expressed his speculation, "Otherwise, Uncle Qiu won't open the arsenal, they haven't touched the guy for many years. …”

When Bai Hao was chattering, Hua Xiaofo had already walked into Uncle Qiu's room. The door of the weapons storehouse was closed, but the rainbow seal on the combination lock was indeed missing a color.

When Uncle Qiu designed this arsenal, he once said that he hoped that he would not open this door again in this life, which meant that he and his aunt could live out this life in peace.

If it had to be opened, he hoped there would be a few times.

Therefore, he set a rainbow seal on the door lock of the arsenal. This door can only be opened seven times in total. Each time it is opened, one of the colors on the rainbow seal will disappear...

When the family had just established a foothold here, the local local snakes often came to ask for trouble and injured the nurses and children of the orphanage.

Aunt and Uncle Qiu were furious, opened the door three times, took out their weapons and leveled the gang.

Then, it was Kuro Ye's revenge. They also opened it once and took some weapons to defend themselves against Kuro Ye and his accomplices.

So, this door should have three colors left, but now there are only two left, which means that they opened it again last night, or this morning...

Looking at the disappearing rainbow seal, I remembered the words my aunt said yesterday. Only then did Hua Xiaofo realize that the aunt, who had always been neat and tidy, told her those truths over and over again yesterday, and was with her at night. Sleeping, obviously is saying goodbye...

She didn't even notice. .

Hua Xiaofo was very remorseful, and hurriedly called her aunt's phone, which was turned off, and she called Uncle Qiu's phone, which was also turned off.

She was so anxious that she took a car key from Uncle Qiu's desk and was about to go out to chase them. At this moment, Bai Hao shouted, "Wait a minute!"

"What's wrong?" Hua Xiaofo snorted impatiently.

"Here is a letter."

Bai Hao took out an envelope from the bottom of the vase, and it said, "Little Buddha personally opened it!"

Hua Xiaofo took the letter and opened it with a glance, the familiar handwriting, and the gentle entrustment, just like the earnest order from my aunt last night...

Little Buddha, when you read this letter, your uncle and I have already left.

Our identities have been exposed, and now many enemies are chasing us, we must leave before the war is brought to you.

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Ella se va quedando sola 🥲
Ella se va quedando sola 🥲
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