Chapter: 2333

The president probably knew that she had given birth to Leng Difeng's child, so he came to arrest the child as a hostage, right?

Really lingering...

Hua Xiaofo struggled for a few more days, but still couldn't hold on.

In the end, she made a bold decision to send the three children back to Leng's house! ! !

Bai Hao was almost terrified when he heard this, "Little Buddha, are you crazy? These are all your own flesh and blood. How dangerous it is for you to send the child back. The Leng family is a place of right and wrong..."

"Today is different from the past. Leng Difeng's current strength can completely compete with Zong Ou Ting. Even if he can't, he will properly settle the child. Sending the child back to Leng's house is definitely safer than staying with me."

Hua Xiaofo is very sober and rational. She is very clear that it is impossible to protect the child by herself, but Leng Difeng can...

"But..." Bai Hao still wanted to persuade Hua Xiaofo, but he finally fell silent when he heard the frightened cries of the children.

"Book a special plane and go back to Syracuse."



Hua Xiaofo sent the child to Leng's house by mail.

Leng Difeng was dealing with official business, opened the door of the conference room, and found three little ones crawling around on the long table, tore up his documents, and scattered paper scraps everywhere...

All the people in the company stood aside, looking at the three little guys with horror on their faces, not daring to move.

After all, these three little guys look somewhat similar to their husbands, and there is another aura between their eyebrows...

Leng Difeng looked at the three little guys in a daze, and after a while he came back to his senses, and asked with a frown, "Where did the little monkey come from?"

Well, the description is very apt, it really looks like a little monkey, with agility, crawling around, smiling and cheerful, lively and cute.

Looking at them, Leng Difeng thought of Hua Xiaofo...

"this is……"

When the words came to his lips, he didn't know how to continue, with apprehension and anxiety.

"Sir, these three children were sent by courier, and there are three DNA test reports and a letter inside."

The assistant brought the report and the envelope.

Leng Difeng hurriedly took it over to check. He didn't know when Hua Xiaofo had his blood sample. He took it and made a dna report with the child. It clearly stated that the parent-child relationship was 100%.

He looked at the test sheet, then at the three children who had climbed onto the bookcase, his heart tightened, he hurriedly opened the envelope, and checked the letter——

"Leng Difeng, these three are your children, the one with the 1 mark on their clothes is the boss one one, the one with the 2 mark is the second two two, the one with the 0 mark is the old three zero zero, and the full name is Condensation Wing , Condenser, Condenser!

The three children are allergic to protein, and they should pay attention to their diet. Lingling is very weak, so she must be careful not to catch a cold. I have left a medicine box, and if they get sick, I will give them medicine according to the signs in the medicine box.

The three children are very smart and cute. They are my treasures. You take good care of them. When I get rid of these stalkers, I will come to pick them up.

Also, you'd better get rid of your crap as soon as possible, don't get us involved, it's so annoying! ! ! ! ! ! "

There is no need for signature remarks, seeing these crooked and ugly Chinese characters, and the tone, one knows who wrote it.

"Ah, be careful!!!"

Leng Xiao suddenly exclaimed, rushed over with a stride, and caught Yi Yi who fell from the bookshelf, his heart almost jumped out of fright.

"woo woo woo woo……"

One by one, their mouths shrunk, and then they burst into tears with a loud "wow".

Leng Xiao was about to coax her, Er Er also fell off the table, he hurriedly freed up another hand to catch Er Er, and at the same time blocked Ling Ling who was about to roll off the sofa with his feet.

Immediately, the three little ones all began to cry, their voices were so loud that they could shatter glass...

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