Chapter: 2335

It is now a week before Ye Zhenting and Feng Qianxue get married...

In order to force Hua Xiaofo to show up, Leng Difeng locked all her assets and jewelry in the safe in his office, waiting for her to fall into the trap.

Hua Xiaofo rushed into the CEO's office with a few eagles.

Leng Difeng was sitting on the black leather chair in an arrogant posture, spinning the pen in his hand, squinting, staring at her coldly...

"Cold bastard..."

Hua Xiaofo was about to speak, when suddenly, a familiar voice appeared on the speaker——

"I, Hua Xiaofo, swear to the sky that I will repay Leng bastard's life-saving grace in the future. If there is no repayment, I will promise it with my body. If I go back on my word, I will be struck by lightning and die a terrible death!!!"

As soon as this sentence was finished, there was a sudden thunderstorm outside, which made Hua Xiaofo shudder in fright, and immediately froze...

"Dead woman, do you remember? You swore yourself!!!" Leng Difeng stood up and approached her slowly, "If you don't remember, let me remind you..."

Hua Xiaofo recalled how she was forced to swear by Leng Difeng on the mountain, and also remembered how she sent the child to his company half a year ago and then ran away...

But these are not important, what is important is that she has to get her money back now! ! ! !

"Leng Difeng, stop talking nonsense and give me back my money."

Hua Xiaofo glanced at the office, and quickly set his eyes on the safe not far away. There was a photo on the safe...

In the photo, Leng Difeng tilted his head and looked indifferent, while Hua Xiaofo, wearing a red wig, leaned in front of him.

The lips of the two were pressed together, but it didn't look like they were kissing...

The two accidentally ran into each other and were accidentally photographed. They both looked a little surprised, but this was the only intimate photo of them.

Hua Xiaofo couldn't remember when this was secretly photographed, but seeing the closeness of the two, she recalled all the good things in the past...

There was a moment of hesitation in my heart, hesitating whether to stay or not.

But soon, her heart became firm again. She couldn't forget the torture she experienced back then, and she couldn't forget the death of her aunt and uncle Qiu...

This place, this kind of life, has left a shadow in her heart.

She doesn't want to make the same mistakes again. .

"Okay, you have the ability, go get it yourself."

Leng Difeng sat on the sofa, sipping tea elegantly, seemingly unmoved.

He wanted to see how she opened the safe to take her money, and how she took things away from here...

Hua Xiaofo glared at him, strode over, fiddled with the safe hard, but couldn't open it no matter what, she was anxious, picked up the gun and aimed a few shots at the lock of the safe, it's a pity still can't open

She was so angry that she turned her head and yelled at Leng Difeng, "Bastard, open it for me."

Leng Difeng ignored her and continued drinking tea, as if he didn't hear her voice at all.

"Leng Difeng..." Hua Xiaofo pointed the gun at him directly, "I told you to open it, do you hear me?"

The experience of the past two years has made her more and more arrogant and irritable. Now her temper is more violent than before. Of course, her ability is also stronger than before.

"Shoot if you have the guts." Leng Difeng was not afraid at all, and didn't even look at her.

"You..." Hua Xiaofo gritted his teeth and shouted angrily, "You think I won't kill you? I saved your dog's life. I can save you or kill you!!!"

"Shoot!" Leng Difeng raised his eyebrows and looked at her, "I'll see how you explain to the child."


Hua Xiaofo is speechless, yes, after half a year of getting along with this bastard, he has gradually won the approval of the children. Although he is not as friendly as Ye Zhenting, the children are also "Daddy Daddy" every day barking non-stop.

She really can't kill him, otherwise, the children will hate her...

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