Chapter: 2340

"A good omen." Ye Zhenting looked at her tenderly, "The big treasure, the second treasure and the third treasure are waiting for you. When the time comes, we will go to the airport to pick you up."

"Okay..." Leng Qianxue's face was full of happiness, "I've gained weight these days, so I don't know if I can wear the wedding dress."

"No matter how fat you are, how fat can you go?" Ye Zhenting's eyes were full of doting, "I have prepared ten sets of wedding dresses for you to choose from. If you can't wear them anymore, you can wear my suit and I will wear it. Wedding dress!"

"Pfft ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..."

Leng Qianxue imagined the scene of Ye Zhenting wearing a wedding dress, and couldn't help laughing...

Laughter echoed in the cabin, making everyone infected with this happiness.

The good weather in Xuecheng was brought to Haicheng by Leng Qianxue. When the plane landed, seeing the bright sun outside, she was in a particularly good mood.


Chenchen, Longlong, and Yueyue rushed over, threw themselves into her arms, hugged her neck and kissed her non-stop, "Mummy, I miss you so much!"

"I miss you too, Mommy~~"

"And me, and me!!!"

The three children surrounded Leng Qianxue intimately, reluctant to let go.

Ye Zhenting came over, clapped his hands and said, "It's ok, enough kisses, it's time to give Mommy to me."

"Haha..." Leng Qianxue laughed loudly, "How old are you? You're still jealous with the children."

"I don't care, you are my wife!"

Ye Zhenting grabbed Leng Qianxue's waist, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her passionately.

"Hey, Daddy is ashamed!"

Yueyue immediately covered her eyes, not daring to look.

"See no evil!"

Chenchen also turned around, as if he didn't see it.

"Tsk tsk tsk, Daddy is very good at kissing." Longlong watched with relish, imitating the example, "Next time I know how to kiss my girlfriend!"

"Er Bao, don't be ashamed!"

"I'm almost eight years old, and I've already had three girlfriends..."

"Rogue hooligan!"


Ye Zhenting reluctantly let go of Leng Qianxue, and turned to look at the children laughing and chasing after her, his eyes filled with happiness.

"Let's go home first." Leng Qianxue pulled Ye Zhenting into the car, "I'm so tired, maybe my whole body hurts after sitting on the plane for a long time."

"I'll give you a massage." Ye Zhenting squeezed her shoulders, "Go back and take a hot bath, sleep well, and be a beautiful bride tomorrow!"

"Do you think I'm getting fat? My waist seems to be thicker." Leng Qianxue was a little anxious about her figure, "You don't know that my sister-in-law's waist is so thin..."

"She's so skinny, how can she compare with you." Ye Zhenting hugged her tenderly, "You're not fat, stop thinking about it..."

As he said that, he bit her ear and murmured ambiguously, "Go back and my husband will give you a sa in person, so you won't be tired."

"Hee hee, rascal!" Leng Qianxue knew what he meant and blushed with embarrassment.

"I'm talking about serious SA, where are you going?" Ye Zhenting deliberately teased her, "You are the rascal, right?"

"Hate, hate... woo..."

Before Leng Qianxue finished speaking, Ye Zhenting kissed her...

The two kissed passionately, Ye Hui in the co-pilot had already gotten used to it, closed his eyes and rested, but it was hard for Ah Hai who was driving.

Although Ah Hai and Leng Mo are together now, they can be regarded as half of Leng's family, but they are still working by Ye Zhenting's side, and Ye Hui is the same.

In addition, Yejun seems to have been a little disturbed recently...

However, the movement was unknown, and Ye Zhenting didn't bother to ask.

In his words, he has been married and had children for many years, and it's time for the old bachelors around him to find a wife.

Now they are all looking for the female bodyguards of the Leng family, internally digested, and the fat and water don't flow to outsiders, this is a great thing...

So Ye Zhenting and Leng Difeng discussed it, and no matter who they hooked up with, they didn't stop them anymore.

Leng Difeng also agreed to the cold and indifferent marriage, and let them decide for themselves.

Today, it is really a situation where everyone is happy and united.

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Que belleza, mucha pruebas pero al fin una familia unida.