Chapter: 2342

The sunlight refracted in from the outside, like a spotlight, shining on Leng Qianxue, completely enveloping her in the light...

She walked towards the light, like an angel descending from the sky!

And what she held in her hand was Leng Difeng in white! ! !

Leng Difeng was late, but he had already tried his best to arrive, and called Leng Qianxue on the way, "Qianxue, brother is on his way, wait for me!"

"Yeah, I'll wait for you!"

Leng Qianxue was looking forward to Lengdi Fengneng's arrival. After all, apart from her child, she had only one relative left.

She hoped that her brother would send her to marry and hand her over to Ye Zhenting himself. This scene will also be recorded by the media, declaring the inseparable relationship between the Leng Ye family!

It is also of great benefit to the consolidation of the power of the two companies in the future.

Of course, these are just digressions...

The most important thing is that Leng Qianxue hopes to consolidate the relationship between the Leng Ye family through this method, and hope that the two families will live in harmony and move forward hand in hand! !

Seeing Leng Difeng leading Leng Qianxue in, Ye Zhenting breathed a sigh of relief, and his originally nervous mood became relaxed...

Looking again, Hua Xiaofo was wearing a beautiful white dress, walked in from the side door with three children, and sat on the VIP seat...

The three children were also wearing cute little dresses, and they were as beautiful as elves. They were holding small fairy wands in their hands, waving them happily, and shouted to Ye Zhenting, "Come on, uncle!"

Hua Xiaofo hurriedly made a shush gesture to them, signaling them not to disturb their uncle and aunt, but Ye Zhenting didn't mind at all, and even made a face at the three children.

Leng Qianxue slowly walked towards Ye Zhenting amidst the sound of music, looking at him through the light, full of love, and finally able to marry him completely...

She had been looking forward to this day for a long time.

Behind him, Chenchen Long Yueyue was wearing a small dress, sprinkled with flower petals, with a bright introduction on his face. Today, they are the little flower girls of Daddy and Mommy, and they are accompanying Mommy to happiness.

Ye Zhenting smiled and waved to the three children, then looked anxiously at Leng Qianxue, and said to himself, go faster, go faster...

Seeing the clock on the wall, Leng Qianxue couldn't help pulling out her hand, holding the wedding dress, and ran towards Ye Zhenting quickly.


Leng Difeng froze for a moment, but did not stop.

Leng Qianxue didn't look back, and ran over with big strides, but because the wedding dress was too long, she almost tripped...



The exclamation of Leng Difeng and Ye Zhenting came at the same time, and then Ye Zhenting rushed over to catch Leng Qianxue, holding her tightly in his arms...

"Scared me to death!" Leng Qianxue's heart was thumping wildly, "I thought I was going to fall, it's so embarrassing."

"With me here, don't be afraid!" Ye Zhenting directly carried her to the oath platform before putting her down, and urged, "Hurry up and start!"

"Ha ha……"

There was a burst of laughter from the audience, and the pastor also laughed on the stage, and then began to ask, "Mr. Ye Zhenting, are you willing to marry Miss Leng Qianxue? And..."

"Willing, willing, willing, I am willing to do anything."

Ye Zhenting wished he could skip all the procedures and immediately announce that the two of them had officially become husband and wife.

There was another burst of laughter from the audience, even Leng Difeng laughed, this brother-in-law must be too impatient.

"Miss Leng Qianxue, do you want Mr. Ye Zhenting to be your husband? Regardless of life, old age, sickness or death, you will never leave him..."

"I am willing!" Leng Qianxue replied seriously.

"Now, please exchange rings!"

the priest announced.

Chenchen Longlong and Yueyue sent rings.

Ye Zhenting hurriedly put it on for Leng Qianxue, then stretched out his hand, urging Leng Qianxue to put it on for him...

That eager look seemed to rush to the bridal chamber.

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